Fashion, Fashion, Fashion


Fashion has always been a part of my blood. In any activity I endure, I do for the sake of fashion. For example, working out -you get to wear all those fancy clothes for the purpose of sweating in them. As long as I can remember, fashion has always been a big priority to me.

School would be fun to go to because I could dress up. And going to the coffee shop would be awesome so I could show the whole world my style. Probably growing up in NYC helped me develop my early fashion sense.

Now that I am in Atlanta, GA, I am trying to do my own thing. To be frank, I am tired of following trends and conspicuously consuming retail priced only-wearing-once items. My blood is steaming with ideas and I get frustrated with all these fashion visions in my head just waiting to be visually produced. I feel that it is my time to fashionable affect the world in a good way. I want to start trends and produce fashion for the everyday girl who wants to create a fashion show for the world. So I decided to make my own jewelry. I absolutely love creating every piece that I make!

Check out my site at:

Peace ☮

Victoria Song


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