CCC – coats, clothes, CATS

What is the best part of the morning?
Well to me it’s deciding what in the world to wear and seeing my cat (tigger).
Two of the best things in the world include Fashion and Cats!
Yes, I’m a fashion cat lady. And darn proud of it.

Now how can you not love this tiny face.

Today it is about 70 degrees here in Atlanta,GA. So I decided to mix with fall fashion with summer fashion.
So I am wearing Indian printed high waisted shorts with short floral platform sneakers with a plaid flannel underneath my printed cardigan. I was worried all these prints were going to be distracting but when I tried it all out- it worked.
So accessorize I wore my beaded bracelets with a feather necklace.


All but the cardigan is from Urban Outfitters. And the cardigan is from forever 21. Of course I got all these past seasons ago.
And finally all my accessories are from my shop:
Please so check it out and let me know about what you’re wearing.


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