Great Destiny

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Ever ask yourself, “Am I destined for greatness?”

Of course all of us want to be reassured that the future will be only up hill from here, but the future is a scary thought because future = the unknown.

However, sometimes I’m sure that the energy of life gives us all a glimpse of our right path toward the unknown. The energy foreshows our calling so we can foreshadow our future peacefully.

This is when the Law of Attraction becomes a reality. See~ Nothing should occur all of a sudden. Things should not come as a surprise because people would die from a heart attack left to right.

For example, it should not come as a surprise that you are an editor when you’ve been interning under a magazine and you hang out with editor-ing crowds. Or that you are a doctor when you’re just finishing your residency.

This is all fantastic, especially for those who were given direct envisions of their future.

But now I have to wonder about my life, my glimpses. I know what I like and who I want to become but sometimes I’m not sure if I were given any glimpses but maybe I’m not focusing enough or listening.

However, I have a feeling that I am destined for greatness but I’m not sure if it just me being over my head. But at least I have the confidence to believe it.

Then it comes to absolutely no surprise that I am destined for greatness with very hard work. So in a way it’s all down hill from here but also very uphill from here.


What glimpses were you given?


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