Tech-mology is the future of SHOPPING

I honestly believe technology is our future. And with online everything, of course there has to be ONLINE shopping.

PS. I LOVE SHOPPING. I could be in a dollar store and go crazy looking at all the new items out.

And when I say “love shopping”, I mean in every form of it. Like shopping at the store, online, flea markets, Goodwill- basically anywhere because fashion comes from literally everywhere.

Fashion does not discriminate.

With the future of technology increasing, so will online shopping. Online shopping is really fun and exciting. You get to see everything the site offers in a neat and organized manner. Not like some stores. And checking out is oh so easy breezy. To top that off, in a few days a package is waiting for you at the front door. It’s like Christmas everyday (aka: Every girl’s dream).

If you didn’t know, I have my own shop on Etsy called Officialvictoriasong jewelry. I love Etsy because I like supporting artistic individuals. When Etsy first developed, I didn’t think handmade items would be worth purchasing because I thought things would look “handmade” or “cheap” BUT to my surprise, as I browsed around people’s shops, all these items on Etsy were amazing. Everything looks beyond professional and beautiful. Now I believe Etsy is more about quality and creativity- everything that I love.

Here are my favorite Etsy shop: (In no particular order)

1. Salon Chalks by Anna Smith


This is a very cool shop because not only are there colored chalks but they have literally all the colors I could imagine and want on my hair. I love how there are natural hair colors too. Since I have dark hair, if I wanted a blonde look I could use their Yellow/light Blonde chalk. I also love the Periwinkle and Lavender hair chalks! The chalks go for only 1.99 and 2.00 US shipping. This is totally a deal since these colors can’t be found normally. The Salon Chalk shop is worth checking out. And for Cyber monday they are having a 10% off 10+ sale. Oh~ they also have a sale section!

2. ImpulseCo in Pennsylvania


Bold colored lipsticks are becoming IN this season! And ImpulseCo provides just that. They have every color imaginable for your lips. Sometimes, us girls, have to wanna have fun and “odd” colored lips are the way to go. I, personally, am sick and tired of going to a retail store and seeing lipsticks in red and pink and then 100000 more shades of red and pink. That’s all great but having outrageous lip colors are important too. So if you want to be in trend this season please do check out ImpulseCo. As of Saturday the 30th of November, the site is in shut down mode because they are preparing for the cyber monday sales. I honestly can’t wait to see what the sale is.

UPDATE: ImpulseCo has personally emailed me their sale for Cyber Monday which starts at 10AM EST. I would like to thank them for that 🙂

$5 off orders of $25 or more (20% savings) coupon code: 5OFF25
$10 off orders of $45 or more (over 22% savings!) coupon code: 10OFF45
$15 off $60 or more (25% savings)coupon code: 15OFF60
15% off your order under $25 coupon code: CYBERMONDAY13

3. Dream Express by Seyma in Turkey


Scarves can be worn throughout the seasons and if you’re going to wear anything on your neck it should come from the Dream Express shop by Seyma (Such an awesome name by the way). She has a hundred and + different printed scarves available. I love how these designs are unique and special whereas retail stores don’t have as much of a creative selection. Not only does she sell scarves but also headbands and slippers. Right now, Dream Express is having a sale of buy 3 and get 1 free. One for every season!

4. The Cookie Pixie’s Wafer Paper Shop by Anniina Jokinen in Austin, Texas


When I first saw the Cookie Pixie shop, I thought the photos were showing cards of some sort, only to find out that they were cookies! These cookies are out of this universe. Honestly, I still can’t believe these are cookies. I love the variety of designs these cookies have. I would probably not even eat them because they are so gorgeous. These cookies would be perfect for the up coming holiday season. Better order right now because the last day to order for the holiday is December 13! A perfect holiday would not be complete without Annaiina’s amazing wafer paper cookies!

5. Official Victoria Song by Victoria Song in Atlanta, GA


This list would not be complete without my personal shop on Etsy. Hey~ I’m Victoria! I have always loved fashion, from shoes to clothes to jewelry. So recently I launched my first website on Etsy to share with the world my passion for fashion. My designs are truly one of a kind and made with pure love. I, personally, love every piece that I create. But it would be more amazing if people around the world were able to wear a piece of my love. Right now my shop is offering FREE SHIPPING in the US for all items! Take advantage of this deal because not a lot of Etsy shops offer free shipping!

So as you can see all these shops have something unique about them. I especially love how creative and special all these shops are. Please check out all these Etsy shops and always please share with me your thoughts!


Victoria Song

PS~ I am in no way in partners or associated with any of these Etsy shops (except mine). No one has paid me or contacted me~ I am just writing about my opinion. Also I will be contacting each owner to let them know I have written about them and if they agree to it or want me to change any information. Thanks.


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