Can’t Miss TV Shows this Fall 2013

Have you ever been addicted to a TV show, only to find out the season finished and you feel sad? I surely have especially when Breaking Bad season 6 was the last season ever! I know Walter White is the bad guy but I had to be on Team Walter for his determination.

Well, if you’re feeling a little under the weather because you don’t know what to watch on TV anymore cause you feel like nothing is “Breaking Bad” good then you should definitely check out my list of 5 shows worth watching this fall and winter 2013!

Here we go~

1. The Carrie Diaries

When & Where: The CW at 8pm EST on Fridays


When I was younger and Sex & the City was the hit show on HBO, I wasn’t allowed to watch it. But nowadays the younger generations become older much more quickly, so I watched it with my sister and cousin anyways. Let’s just say, Sex & the City taught me a lot about adult life. From the fashion to the dramatized problems, I was instantly in love with the show. But now that I’m in my early twenties, it’s appropriate for me to watch the now past seasons of Sex & the City. And yet, I still feel like I am too young to truly grasp the Sex & the City lifestyle. After all, Carrie and the gals are in their early thirties and I’m in my early twenties, a ten-year gap. To my surprise, The Carrie Diaries just came out recently and I was able to completely connect with it. So now, I’m not entirely disconnected with the city girls. The Carrie Diaries is about the young Carrie Bradshaw and her journey from being a small town girl to a big time author in the Big Apple around the 1980s. The show has it all, the fashion, cute boys, over-the-top personalities, and of course the drama. The show is currently on their 2nd season, but not to worry because Netflix has the whole 1st season available on instant play. Trust me, this show is amazing and worth the watch.

PS- The Carrie Diaries has an amazing soundtrack.

2. The Walking Dead

When & Where: AMC at 9pm EST on Sundays


Zombies are the talk right now. Somehow the idea of gory mindless human beings is intriguing. And believe me, they are exciting especially when watching The Walking Dead. What I really adore about this show is that it isn’t just about zombies, it’s more than that. Throughout the show, viewers get to watch each character’s personal transformations and get emotionally attached to all the personalities. Basically it’s, Drama, Drama, Drama and then Zombies. Honestly, The Walking Dead is a rare show where good writing and synthetic makeup is used in the right amount. The show itself is about a group of people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse and what happens to humanity when there is no more law & order (not the TV show). This show will not disappoint. The Walking Dead keeps you on your toes every second. Right now season 4 is on and Netflix has seasons 1,2,3 available on instant play.

3. Super Fun Night

When & Where: ABC at 8:30pm EST on Wednesdays

30773Super Fun Night is for the comedy lovers. Take some time off from the dramatic-drama-filled shows and relax with this hilarious one. From just watching The Pilot, I was crying with laughter. Rebel Wilson, the main character for good reasons, is very funny and cute. She brings in a lot of awkward funny moments along with her friends. The show itself is about Kimmie Boubier, who is a lawyer and is in love with her coworker. Throughout the main premise, issues of being a girl, like body insecurities and boy problems, arise which makes Super Fun Night even more super amazing. Viewers will learn a lot about life and laugh at the same time. Be on the look out cause Super Fun Night is going to be big! The first 6 episodes are available to watch on the main website of ABC.

4. Sleepy Hollow

When & Where: FOX at 9pm EST on Mondays


I loved the movie Sleepy Hollow because the somewhat young Johnny Depp was starring in it. And when the TV show came out, I was hesitant about watching it because I didn’t want to ruin my Johnny Depp fantasy, then I realized that was never going to happen and so I watched the pilot, I was pulled into the story very quickly. The show has spookiness, wittiness, mystery and a hottie! A few minutes into the 1st episode there’s action and drama~ now imagine how the rest of the season is going to be- thrilling. Sleepy Hollow is about supernatural spirits from the civil war era, who ends up in the 21st century to stop evil from ending the world. I’m not really into supernatural television series, but Sleepy Hollow is different because it collides two centuries together for one common goal. Prepared to be glued to your television on Mondays watching Sleepy Hollow.

5. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

When & Where: ABC at 8pm EST on Thursdays


If you enjoyed Once Upon a Time, then I recommend Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It starts off with little Alice coming out of the rabbit hole after many years later and then being placed in a insane asylum because her adventures deemed her be crazy. Then young adult Alice travels in and out of wonderland and her adventure to find her true love, Cyrus, unfolds. (Side note: Alice & Cyrus are adorable). Not only do I adore the storyline of Wonderland, but I also enjoy seeing the creative world of it. Clearly there was a lot of attention to detail because Wonderland looks spectacular. If you love fantasies and ‘true love’, this is the show for you!

So there it is, my top 5 must see TV shows for this fall season. Theses shows will not let you down, I promise. So get ready to turn on your television and watch every week.


Victoria Song

Disclosure: This list is purely just my own opinion and I have no affiliation with any of the shows. Thanks!


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