7 Songs that should be on your playlist

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Take a break from holiday jingles and listen to these 7 interesting and fun songs during the winter blues. These songs are a mixture of something old and something new and won’t disappoint your ears. I personally love to listen to upbeat songs because it makes me awake and want to dance; it makes me happy. If you agree with me or want to feel a tad bit happier, listen to these 7 songs and you will. Also, this list requires an open mind to the genre of music. Here we go~

1.       What does the Fox say? by Ylvis

I know when people first hear this song, they think it’s very silly, to say the least. But you can’t help but fall in love with the creative bass and techno sound. At first, I could not believe what I was listening to because I thought it was mocking the music industry in how the 21st century music does not require intellectual lyrics but just a catchy beat. However, once the youtube video was over,…I clicked repeat; the song was addicting. During the chorus when Ylvis starts to make ‘random’ noises, I think of it more as a vocal exercise. In all, I find this song fun!

2.       Do What You Want by Lady Gaga

This is another addicting song! I heard this song on the Spotify ad and clicked it to see what Lady Gaga had new in store. The rhythm was instantly suck in my head and soon I started singing it in the shower. Not only is it just Lady Gaga singing, but it also features R. Kelly. I love the duo because their voices really compliment each other. Without actually knowing the lyrics of this song, you would think of it as sexual song like when she says, “Do what you want (with my body)”. But that’s not the message she’s sending out. In reality, Lady Gaga is commenting on the music industry and how the business can’t have her soul. She’s commenting on how the business only seems to care about the physical aspects of a person and not their true talent. A sad truth. At least this is what I think she is talking about. Listen for yourselves and let me know in the comments below. 


3.       Ringa Linga by Taeyang

This song applies to when I suggested you to have an open mind while reading this list. When you listen to this ‘hip hop gangsta’ song, you will soon realize that the artist, Taeyang, is not singing in english and that’s perfectly okay. I was brought up to understand that music is a universal language. So I personally listen to music of all dialects and I hope you do too. If you’ve never heard of Taeyang, he is a popular hip hop artist in the world of Kpop (korean pop) in South Korea. With that said, Ringa Linga has a very catchy beat that infuses bass and piano together. This combination with Taeyang’s angelic voice makes this song fun and hip. Let’s just say, when I listen to this song, I feel really badass and cool!

4.       White Horse by Laid Back

I first heard this song on The Carrie Diaries and I was hooked. The upbeat and electric sound made me feel as if I was on top of the world and powerful. I may feel powerful when I hear this song, because in The Carrie Diaries, I envision Carrie Bradshaw fiercely walking in her fashionable clothes along the New York City streets with White Horse playing in the background. That’s what I want! Fun fact; this song inspires me to work hard for what I want, which is why I listen to this song whenever I write my blogs. White Horse doesn’t have much lyrics, instead it repeats the same phrases. Also, much of the song is instrumental with awesome beats. Lastly, of course, The Carrie Diaries takes place in the 80s, and so does this song!

5.       Venus by Lady Gaga

This song comes from Lady Gaga’s recent album ‘ARTPOP’ and I love this song. Space and extraterrestrial beings have always fascinated me and so I’m glad another song about planets is out. The song is a fast paced dance song. I say dance song, because I really do dance to this song; how can you not? I’m not sure of the exact meaning behind the lyrics but a lot of planets are mentioned, me likey. Lady Gaga always sings amazing songs and this song is not an exception. Ps. Venus would be perfect for your running playlist. Wanna dance? ~ then listen below. 

6.       Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell

Somebody’s Watching Me has a very funky sound and I enjoy it. Throughout the song, I could hear organs and electric guitar instruments, a very interesting combination. The lyrics are actually very funny and creepy at the same time. It’s almost a contradicting song because I feel like dancing when I hear the song but I also want to hide somewhere. I just hope this song was not a cry for help from a stalker for Rockwell because you know how many songs have a inner meaning. This song is from the 80s and yes, I also first heard this song on The Carrie Diaries. So if you feel like someone is watching you, this could be the song of that moment. 

7.       Roar by Katy Perry

Roar is a very inspiring song to everyone. It sends a message that you can comeback from obstacles that you’ve endured. You have the power to become a champion because anything is possible. Like most of Katy Perry’s music, this song is uplifting and catchy. If you haven’t heard this song yet on the radio or you feel a little down in the dumps, I recommend checking it out right now!

Songs are very important in life~ it’s also my last name. They can make you or break you. So why not listen to those that will Make you! Check out these 7 songs and I promise you will get there!

Any other songs you think should be on everyone’s playlist? Let me know!

Peace, Victoria Song


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