Winter Trend 2013-14 Coats that you need now!

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Just because the colder weather is here doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your fashion sense. All you need is a stylish coat to look fierce among the white fluffy snow. I’ve always been a jacket and sweater girl because they help you feel warm and comfortable. My list of jacket trends this winter combines actual items for sale on common websites, so they are totally available to purchase.

1. Fur, Fur, Burrrr

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but fur is ‘In’ this season. Fur has never been a key piece in my lifetime, but I think it was around the 80s? Now the vintage is in trend. If your grandparents have a fur jacket from years ago, pull it out to wear this winter. That’s what I did from my mom’s closet. When I say fur, I mean all types of fur like faux fur, colored fur~ just fur fur fur!

07U14EBYW_2_largeTOPSHOP. Faux Fur Collarless Coat. $170.00


Urban Outfitters. MINKPINK Fashion Colorblock Faux Fur Coat. $119.00


Forever 21. Be Seen Shag Jacket. 64.80

2. Moto Jackets

For the inner badass in all girls who are also lovely dressers. Rock On!


Forever 21. Chic Girl Moto Girl. $15.80


GAP. Ombre Wool Moto Jacket. $128.00


Urban Outfitters. adidas X Opening Ceremony Piped Moto Jacket. $610.00

3. Tribal Print Coat

Tribal will always be fashionable in all seasons. I personally love the tribal pattern because it looks vintage with history.

topshop tribal

TOPSHOP. Aztec Ovoid Jacket. $170.00

forever 21 wool tribal

Forever 21. Out West Moto Jacket. $49.80

forever 21 black and white

Forever 21. Favorite Southwestern Open Front Jacket. Was: $42.80 Now: $35.00

4.Over the Top Printed Coats

Don’t be afraid to look different from others. Like I said in my past post, Fashion does not discrimate. When you have style, you have style and no one can take that away from you. With that said, Over-the-top printed coats are fashionable right now. Don’t hide away from wearing bold and outrageous prints this winter. Just make sure you Work it!

forever 21 bat

Forever 21. Standout Bat Jacket. $42.80

free people sequence

Free People. Shake Senora Sequin Jacket. $228.00

topshop pattern

TOPSHOP. Chevron Beaded Crop Jacket. $240.00

5. Wool Jackets

Wool coats are perfect when the temperature drops drastically. You need something that is warm, comfortable and chic. Trust me, a jacket that possess all those three qualities exists. Remember to stay warm!

forever 21 wool grey

Forever 21. Refined Boucle Coat. $52.80

UO wool

Urban Outfitters. Numph Nova Wool Coat. $250.00

free people wool

Free People. Ivory Black Femme Wool Coat. $348.00

6. Bomber Jackets

To be honest, we all knew this was coming. The comeback of bomber jackets is here. From Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry’s amazing wardrobe, the bomber jacket’s influence this season was very predictable. Also, bomber jackets can be worn in all seasons.

topshop bomber

TOPSHOP. Jersey Printed Foil Bomber. $110.00

anthro bomber

Anthropologie. Rose Jacquard Bomber Jacket. $198.00

UO bomber

Urban Outfitters. Somedays Lovin Botanic Bomber Jacket. $139.00

7. Leopard Print Coats

Leopard print seems to be very popular right now. But it’s not used in the conventional way where the leopard pattern is in brown shades. Instead, the leopard prints on clothes are used in all different colors. The variety of leopard prints and colors excite me!

Forever 21 leopard

Forever 21. Wild Thine Moto Jacket. $47.80

topshop leopard

TOPSHOP. Borg Ovoid Coat. $178.00

GAP leopard

GAP. Printed Fur-trim Parka. $168.00

8. Denim Jackets

Who said you can’t wear denim on denim? Oh yes you can, ~now. Just make sure you wear different shades on top of each other. Denim is also having a comeback this season but in different ways. A denim jacket can’t be Just a denim jacket. It has to be unusual, in a way. Such as ombre, faded, acid, ripped, studded and furred.

topshop denim

TOPSHOP. MOTO Vintage Borg Denim Jacket. $95.00

Forever 21 denim

Forever 21. Modernist Denim Jacket. $37.80

GAP denim

GAP. 1969 Dip-dye Denim Jacket. $79.95

Follow these trends this winter and I promise you will make heads turn (in a good way). Check out the sites of the jacket you love because it’s available right now.

Do you know any other coat trends for this winter?


Victoria Song


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