How to know the Relationship is Over

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When I was in a relationship and I was thinking of ending it, I realized that I didn’t have the guts to say how I felt; I was afraid to be alone, so I continued to be unhappy. Over some time, I saw the world in a different way. Instead of believing that there was one soulmate for me, I saw the world for what it was; There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

You have to understand that I am a truly open minded person. My soul desires to explore and travel along a mysterious and long journey. So I guess this applies to my view on boys; I want to meet new people and date different personalities. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want, in fact, you should be proud of it.

Sometimes it’s hard to make the decision to break up with someone. And many of times, you’re not even sure if you want to. But if you’re not fully happy and content with your relationship, why be in it? You have to understand that you are valuable and that you truly deserve the best and nothing else. If you’re with someone right now and you’ve contemplated whether to break up with them but you’re not 100% certain, I advise you to allow your feelings to be felt.

So, Are you unsure if your relationship has reached the end? Look over my 10 foreshadowing reason to know that the companionship has come to it’s peak. And if some of the reasons applies to you, don’t be afraid to take control of your life. Be happy!

1. Communicating less


Communication is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship. In the beginning of a relationship, the cell phone bill exceeds the budget. And then it seems like everything that can be talked about has already been said. I guess you could call this the ‘comfortable’ phase. But it should never be too comfortable. This is a danger zone because in this phase, communication only occurs rarely. It feels like there is no relationship. At this stage, the relationship can be deemed as over. Not communicating translates to not caring and not being interested. It’s time to move on.

2. You imagine & act as if you were single


You see a hot guy pass by and suddenly you forget you’re ‘with’ somebody. You smile at him and want to get to know him. Then, you cringe at the thought that you’re already in a relationship. This scenario proposes a problem. The issue is not that you were interested in another boy but the fact that you suddenly became unhappy when imagining the boy back home. If you miss the single, no commitment life and you’re already acting like one, it’s time to end it. For your significant other and yourself. It would be best for both person in the relationship.

3. Rarely thinking about your significant other

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In the beginning, the feeling of wanting to always be next to your boyfriend is prominent; you’re constantly missing him. But now you don’t even think about him. It’s obvious that you’re too busy to think about your significant other. You almost forget about the boy. If he’s not in your thoughts at least once a day, then the relationship is so over because you want someone to always think of you and care for you. And if you can’t provide that right now, then enjoy the single life.

4. Constant fighting


A good relationship always has it’s ups and downs but if the fighting is always constant, then it might be better to not be next to each other. Fighting can bring about stress and anger in to your body, which drastically affects your health. If it seems like the relationship is based on disagreeing and fighting, you should take care of your health and realize it’s over.

5. If your significant other breaks your deal breakers


If you have reasonable deal breakers like dating a guy who doesn’t smoke, then your significant other shouldn’t smoke. Deal breakers are deal breakers for good reasons, so follow them. Don’t settle for someone who breaks your deal breakers, because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to find someone else. Don’t worry about that because you will find someone else and be happy. Follow your heart and he will come.

6. They cheated


Cheating is never acceptable. The fact that he did something that goes behind your back is just plain nasty. If he hides something like cheating to you, what else could he be hiding? Even if he wasn’t happy with the relationship, he should have not cheated but have just broke up with you. Honesty is also key in a happy companionship and obviously cheating breaks all trust. Have some respect and love for yourself and do yourself a huge favor and dump his sorry ass. Of course, it’s his lost.

7. Overall unhappy when you’re with them


In a relationship, your significant other should almost be like your other half. You should be happy when you’re together; simple. Think about it, you’re having a bad day and you just had a fight with your family, then you come home to a unhappy home. This should not be the case. You’re home should be your sanctuary and it should be filled with things that will only make you happy. When you’re happy to leave the house because you can’t stand being with your significant other, you should realize that whatever you have with him is so over.

8. You realized that you have changed in a bad way

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You’re family and friends are the closest people to you. They know you like the back of their hand. And when they notice a bad change in you after you started dating your boyfriend, you should take their opinion into important consideration. Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself from an outside view, so you can’t exactly see how badly your changing. Remember that your family and best friends love you unconditionally and would not want to hurt you. Understand your family’s and friend’s opinions and try to pin point what they are talking about so that you could finally realize it for yourself.

9. They don’t get along with your family & friends


When the two people you love come together and want to kill each other, that’s not okay. Everyone should have one goal and that is to make give love and be happy for you. It’s upsetting when people dear to you are not getting along and the pressure to make things peaceful is all on you; that’s not fair and you shouldn’t have to be in that position.

10. Physical & mental abuse

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No matter how much you love your other half, physical and mental abuse of any sort should never be tolerated. The very first instant of physical abuse, you should leave the relationship right there. And if you think you’re getting mentally abused, it’s time to leave now. If you’re afraid that he might do something harmful to you, have a friend or family help you.

You should be the most valuable person to yourself. And make sure you look out for yourself and realize when a relationship is over. These 10 factors should help you get to that epiphany.

Peace, Victoria


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