Gifts to Get According to Her Personality

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If you have a lot of girls to shop for this Christmas season, then you came to the right blog. I know every girl is unique and special in their own awesome way. I totally get that, but it’s hard because sometimes you have no idea what is the perfect gift for each gal. So I made this simple list that breaks down gifts according to the special girl’s style and personality. Stick to this list and I guarantee you will see a huge smile on her face.

1. The Hipster

Presents were so yesterday and she’s over it. This girl wants something unique that costs a lot but won’t admit it. “Cause hipsters be like ughh…these $300 dollar glasses are so done but I’ll keep wearing them” sayings Amy Almeida, with a mocking tone. Joke aside, a hipster girl loves Apple and vintage everything. So you can make room to be creative for her. The main thing I would suggest, is that you get her something new that looks old and interesting. Your hipster girl would really like the older version of Apple Mac Notebooks, unique clothes and a turntable with vinyls.

Mac Notebook

Mac Notebook 2008-2010 White

Vintage finds

Vintage clothes from Thrift shops


Turntable with Vinyls (Urban Outfitters)

2. The Tomboy

I used to be a tomboy when I was younger. In fact, I’ve been in many different phases. But it’s perfectly okay to be a tomboy. When picking a gift for this girl, think of what boys would want as gifts. To be honest, I had to ask some of my friends for these picks because I had no clue about the interests of boys. And they suggested game consoles and of course, video games. The most recent releases of games consoles include, Xbox One and Playstation 4. If you can get your hands on one of these, you would probably be her favorite person in the world. And if that is your goal, make sure to add some video games along with it. Good Luck.


Xbox One

ps 4

Playstation 4

video games

Video Games

3. The Princess

I believe that every girl is a princess and only deserves the best. But this princess girl acts more than a princess, she is, in other words, high maintenance and that’s perfectly okay because a girls gotta know what she wants in life. It’s hard to shop for a princess because what do you get for the girl who has everything? Well, you get her what she already has but in another color, to be frank. In movies, writers try to bring sympathy to princess girls by showing how high maintance girls hate having everything handed to them but this is oh so very false. Once a princess, always a princess. So get her something shiny, brand named or super unique. Oh, and never never get something counterfeited. You’ve been warned.

Tiffany jewel

Tiffany Jewelry (Plus+ Personalize it)

michael kors bag

Designer Handbag (Michael Kors)


Spa Day or Spa Gift Certificate

4. The Girl Next Door

A girl next door means exactly what the title reads. Sometimes you forget about that girl next door but she exists, especially on christmas. It could be simple shopping for the girl next door because she knows it’s the thought that counts. So I suggest buying something that fits the personality of a girl next door; Something normal and then made in a unique way. Examples I have for you include a journal, stationary and a teddy bear. All these things sound simple but with my advice, you should not be getting a simple journal, that’s just lazy, you should be getting a leather journal, a monogram stationary and a huge multi-colored teddy bear. See the several bold adjectives in front of the noun? Well, keep that in mind when shopping for this girl next door.


Unique Journal (Leather Vintage Journal)

monogram stationary

Monogram Stationary (Lots available on Etsy)

teddy bear

Adult Size Teddy Bear in Unique Colors

5. The Fashionista

Although I can personally relate to all the types of girls I listed, The Fashionista, is the girl I can prominently relate with right now. This girl is fierce and not afraid to express ‘the self’. Qualities every girl should innerly have. The huge misconception of fashionistas are that they only care about couture and designer name avant gardes. However, this conception is flawed but not entirely false. Fashionistas understand that fashion comes from literally every thing and every wheres. This girl truly understands fashion for what it is and not what ‘society’ thinks it is. You have to give credit to this girl because not only is she stylish but she’s also very creative. So don’t be afraid to get your fashionista something bold and out there. In fact, the crazier, the better and she’ll work it.

fur coat

Fur Coat (The Bigger the Better in this case)

statement necklace real

Statement Necklace

makeup kit

Complete Makeup Kit (Sephora)

6. The Workaholic

You barely see her because she’s always on the go. Because she lives, breathes and sleeps work. Good for her! But since she’s always busy, you have the job of making sure she doesn’t fail at looking the part. All because she’s occupied most of the time doesn’t mean she can’t look good doing everything. Because the sad truth is, not only do you need the intelligence and skill, you also need the complete look. So if your workaholic is lacking in the visual department, then make sure to follow the list below.

Kate spade planner

Kate Spade Planner

Business bag

All in One Purse (Givenchy)

diamond stud earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

7. The Artist

I’ve always been an artist girl but then I realized I was more of a artist in the fashion department, so my gift advice has credibility. Society sees art as something useless but in reality artists are the future of our society. Every visual thing we see is art from the interior design to the lamps we use. In fact, art is the number one value of our society and I hope you can truly recognize and appreciate this. With that said, you should give your artist a complete kit of everything they need to contribute to our future. Or something that will show your appreciation for their art, like a framed art work of theirs.

Art gift set

Art Gift Set for Drawing

paint set

Paint Set

Framed pictures

Personalized Framed Art

8. The Bad Girl

The bad girl doesn’t literally mean a bad girl, like a girl who’s in prison for murder, but it means a girl who has a bad ass image. Meaning, a girl who isn’t afraid to be themselves and doesn’t care about society’s taboos. Gotta give this bad girl a lot of credit! It takes a huge amount of bravery to be different from society now a days and this bad ass girl is awesomely doing that with fierce. Your bad girl deserves something leather, black, red and tabooish like the items below.

moto jacket

Moto Jacket

red lipstick

Red Lipstick


A Tattoo / Temporary is Okay Too

9. The Eco Friendly Girl

We all should aspire to be like this eco friendly girl because she cares so much about the aura of life. By helping our planet earth, she’s in return helping us. Think about it, she increases her carbon green steps which gives a lot of room for the rest of us to use it. How horrible of a concept, so we should honestly learn from this eco friendly girl. For this christmas, your eco friendly girl should be awarded with spiritual, life forming and cruelty free stuff. Give her the perfect gift from the list below and increase your carbon green steps in return.

yoga class

Yoga Class Gift Certificate

garden herbs

Garden Herb Kit / Seeds

eco friendly makeup

Eco & Cruelty Free Makeup

All these types of girls truly are unique and special so take some time to think of the perfect gift for them.

Lastly, I just want to mention how my suggestions are just advice. Our ultimate goal this Christmas is to make every girl and boy jump with joy early in the morning.

Happy Holidays,



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