Nail Art Trends of Winter 2013-14

photo 2-3

The days of painting only one shade and having a french manicure to be unique is totally over. Now a days, we live by the motto~ The crazier, the better. And nail decorations explain just that. In fact, the 21st century has established a word for the fanciness of nails, Nail Art. There’s plenty of nail art conventions and competitions all over the world. Who knew dead skin cells would become such a visual importance. So to be in trend this winter, your nails should be top notch avant garde.  Choose one of the trends below to make heads turn at your Christmas party.

1. Chevron

Chevron is very cool because it’s essentially just zig-zag stripes. But the possibilities of using chevron on nails are endless. You can choose any color pattern or choose to put it on only one nail. Get really creative with this one.

gold glitterchevronchevy

2. Half Moon

Ever see the white half moon on your nude nails? Well this trend follows that outline. I love this trend because it’s so simple and elegant. If your job or family is conservative, then this trend would be perfect. Juxtaposing opposite colors would really make your nails pop.

half moon black and goldmoon nail nude and blackhalf moon nail

3. Gold and Silver

I absolutely adore this trend. If I could have everything gold, I would. Wearing 14K gold on nails would make you look like a million bucks. And accessorizing the gold or silver nails with the same shade jewelry is so fierce.

silver nail stylesilver nailsgold metalic gold

4. Outline Nails

Outlining nails looks so pretty on all nail types. Again, this trend is super chic and playful yet still conservative. I would suggest a Coco Chanel pink with a black outline.

red outline nailoutline nailsoutline nail tyle

5. Beaded

This trend is a play on texture and I love that. Nails are now turning 3D and beaded nails is the start.

ciate caviar nailbeaded nailcaviar nail

6. Stud and Jewels

Studs and embellishments are extremely in trend, especially this summer 2013. And the trend has spread to our nails. Studs and Jewels on nails are extremely cute and super unique.

jewel nailoutline jewel nailstud nails

7. Ombre

Ombre has become a trend that will always stay as a trend. The process of seeing color shades transitioning is very appealing to the eyes. So to make your nails do that same, Ombre is the way to go.

ombre nailombre brownsequence gradiation

8. Stiletto Nails

Also known as a witch’s nails, Stiletto nails are a huge hit this year. It’s the upgrade from the square shaped long nails. This trend has a unusual nail shape but once the nail design is on, your nails will be the talk of the town.

stud nails floralstilletto nailsawesome galaxy

9. Glittered

This first photo is of my nails right now. Glitter and sequins are in trend this winter, especially for the New Years. Not only is it shiny but it is also festive. To get in the groove of the holidays, I would suggest glittering up your nails. And remember, you can never have enough glitter!

photo 1-3glitter stillettos nailgold glitter nail

10. Color block

I love everything that is colorful. This color block trend is not an exception. It’s exciting knowing that this trend gives you endless patterns and colors to work with. So get creative and paint yourself color blocks.

puple colorblock nailcolorblock nailrectangle colorblock

You only get to make one first impression right? And I read many articles that states how even boys judge you on the presence of your nails; To see if you maintain yourself. But who cares about what boys think, right? Boys aside, having pretty and fancy nails gives you confidence in yourself, which is the most important thing. So follow these winter nail art trends and stay confident, girls!




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