Must Try Hairstyles for Winter 2013-14


As the seasons change, so do we. And as we change, so does our hair. Especially with New Years just around the corner, it’s time to spice up your haird0 because nothing feels better than knowing that the past is in the past and the future is going to be awesome from your new appearance. To sky rocket your confidence for the next year, I gathered 10 different hairstyle trends that will make you look super fierce this winter 2013-14.

Don’t be afraid to go bold and wild because no one can let you down and you all have the beauty to pull off every hair style on this list. Work it, girl!

1. Pastel Hair Colors

The future is all about innovation and outrageous fashion, just like the Capital in The Hunger Games. Pastel colors are cute and different, which is why you must try this trend at least once in your life.

pastel 1pastel 2pastel 4

2. Updo Roll

The updo roll hair trend is super elegant and chic. Plus it’s perfect for every occasion.

updo hair 6updo 1updo 2

3. Extreme Curly Hair

Carrie Bradshaw, from The Carrie Diaries, has this hairstyle and is rocking it. I love the endless amount of volume and life this trend has. It’s super pretty and cool!

Curly hair 1carrie curles 2carrie hair 3

4. Messy Bob Cut

I am rocking this trend at the moment and I think it’s stylish. The best part about this trend is that it doesn’t require much work. You just have to do your best to make your bob cut messy. Very Easy, Breezy.

messy bob 1messy bun 5messy bob

5. Side Braids

There’s so many types of braids you can make with this trend. From the regular braid to the fish tail braid. I personally like the messiness of the side braids because even though it’s messy, it’s also trendy.

side braid 4side braid 7side braid 6

6. Embellished Bun

The bun hairstyle is one of my favorite hair trends because I get to push all my hair back away from my face and still look gorgeous. For this season, the bun has upgraded in to a more complex bun. Adding some braids or accessories along with your bun would make your hair so ‘in’ for winter.

bun hair 1bun 7bun 5

7. Pony Tail

The pony tail has revamped into a trendy hairstyle. To follow this style, you first tie your hair at any level you want and then wrap some extra hair around the band to hide it. Then lastly, you can tease your pony tail to add some volume. And BAM, you are now a fashionista.

pony tail 6pony tail 4pony tail 8

8. Bow Hair

Who knew you could make pretty shapes with your hair! The bow hair is super cute and pretty. If you want to go for the fun look one sunny day, you should totally go for this bow hair trend!

bow 1bow 3bow 2

9. Platinum Blonde

I’ve always wanted platinum blonde hair but I was scared about how the color would look on me. But I realized that I shouldn’t be so afraid because it’s my hair, it’s my life and I can have any hair color I choose. With that said, the platinum blonde trend is fierce and fashion forward. I still haven’t changed my hair to platinum blonde, but I promise I will soon!

platinum blonde 2soo joo 2platenum 2

10. Gold Leaves Accessories

This trend reminds me of the greek olympic era. The gold leaves are gorgeous on any type of hair style you choose to do. So if you want to look like a greek goddess, I recommend the gold leaves trend.

Gold leave 1gold laves 2gold leaves 3

Hair styles are important because it shows the world and yourself what you’re all about. Be confident in your own skin and don’t shy away from going crazy with your hair. Like I said, it’s your life~”Don’t you forget”.

Peace, Victoria


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