Sweater Trends for Winter 2013

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Sweater weather has come and it’s time to fashionably bundle up. I’ve always been a sweater girl because they are comfortable, chic and helps hide unwanted lady lumps. Like everything in the world of Fashion, sweaters, too, can make or break an outfit. So in order to avoid the fashion police, look through my list of winter 2013 sweater trends! And I guarantee, you will be safe from fashion prison.

1. Aztec Print Sweaters

Aztec prints will always be in style every winter, which makes these sweaters a must-get because you can wear it annually. This pattern is very fun and colorful. When wearing a aztec sweater, it is best to wear neutral colors underneath. Doing this will make your sweater pop and attract the right kind of attention.

AZTEC West Bound CardiganForever 21. West Bound Cardigan. $29.80

aztec 4

Forever 21. Color Cascade Zigzag Cardigan. $34.80

AZTEC SWEATER easy traveler shag sweater

Forever 21. Easy Traveler Shag Sweater. $22.80

aztec 3

Forever 21. Vibrant Geo Draped Cardigan. $32.80

2. Colorblock Sweaters

Colorblocking clothes are really fun and preppy. It makes you stand out of a crowd but also blend in; it’s genius. Wearing normal denim with a colorblock sweater will definitely ‘make’ your outfit. So choose a colorblock sweater that has both of your favorite colors and work it.

colorblock ombre

TopShop. Knitted Ombre Jumper. $76.00


Madewell. Colorblock Cableknit Sweater. $88.00

colorblock red

Urban Outfitters. Coincidence & Chance Colorblock Cable Sweater. $59.00

cable 4

Urban Outfitters. BDG Rolled-Sleeve Open Cardigan. $59.00

3. Leopard Print Sweaters

Leopard seems to be everywhere this season and I am thankful it is. Leopard sweaters give an outfit a bit of seriousness and a lot of style. It’s like Versace meets Chanel; Stylish and lady like. The best of both worlds.

leopard 2

Urban Outfitters. Sparkle & Fade Fuzzy Leopard Cardigan. $69.00

leopard pink

TopShop. Knitted Brushed Animal Jumper. $110.00


Forever 21. Wild Thing Cropped Sweatshirt. $15.80

leopard topshop

TopShop. Knitted Contrast Animal Jumper. Was $88.00. Now $70.00

4. Cable Knit Sweaters

Cable Knit Sweaters will keep you warm and cozy this winter or at least it would make you look cozy. ‘Fake it till you make it’ right? Cable Knit sweaters are intricate and fashionable. It’s a ‘all-in-one sweater’ type of must have!

cable 3

Urban Outfitters. Ash Rain + Oak Meadow Cable-knit Cardigan. Was $188.00. Now $129.99

cable knit

Forever 21. Favorite Cable Knit Sweater. $27.80

cable 5

TopShop. Knitted Angora Cable Jumper. $92.00

cable sweat

Urban Outfitters. BDG Fall For Cable-knit Sweater. $59.00

5. Kimono Sweaters

Kimono Sweaters doesn’t seem to be fitting for the winter weather but it is so trending right now. I would recommend layering kimono sweaters on top of jeans and long sleeve shirts. It also gives you a break from feeling bulky throughout the winter season.

kimono 2

Forever 21. Ornate Chiffon Kimono Cardigan. $19.80


Forever 21. Wild Thing Kimono Cardigan. $29.80

kimono 3

TopShop. Bloom Kimono. $90.00

kimono 4

Forever 21. Enchanted Sheer Kimono. $24.80

6. Fuzzy Sweaters

This is one of my favorite sweater trends right now. I guess it comes from my love of fur jackets. And fuzzy sweaters comes close to a fur jacket. If you read my blog about jacket trends this winter, then you would know that fur is absolutely ‘in’ this season. So of course, sweaters must be furred as well. The texture on fuzzy sweaters are unique and the color combination is endless. Fuzzy sweaters is truly a must have this winter.

fuzzy 3TopShop. Knitted Fluffy Crop Jumper. $60.00

fuzzy 5

Forever 21. Fuzzy Plaid Cardigan. $29.80


Free People. My Wooly Sweater Jacket. $228.00

fuzzy 4

TopShop. Knitted Paper Fluffy Top. $76.00

7. Fringe Sweaters

Fringe gives an item personality. So fringe sweaters will surely not disappoint. A sweater could be just a sweater, but a fringe sweater would be a fashionable sweater. There is a misconception of too much fringe being tacky but this is not the case because the fringe is on a sweater and not on a shirt to make it see through. Fringe  is simply a fascinating texture on a sweater.


Urban Outfitters. Evil Twin Abominable Tassel Cardigan. $129.00

fringe 4

Forever 21. Geo Girl Draped Cardigan. $32.80

fringe sweater

Forever 21. Fringe Queen Open-front Cardigan. $32.80

fringe kimono

Charlotte Russe. Fringe Sleeve Kimono Cover-up. $22.99

8. Cropped Sweaters

Just when I thought cropped anything was just a fad for last summer, cropped sweaters appeared everywhere this winter. Hey~ anything to wear less, right? In seriousness, I really do like cropped sweaters with high waisted jeans. This outfit gives any girl an edgy sense of vogue.

copped meow

Forever 21. Catty Cropped Sweater. $22.80

cropp 2

Forever 21. Mod Cropped Sweater. $19.80


Urban Outfitters. Kimchi Blue Shaker Cropped Sweater. $49.00

cropped sweater

Forever 21. Mickey Faces Cropped Sweatshirt. $17.80

9. Statement Sweaters

This is a super fun trend! And anyone can pull it off. Statement sweaters truly do make a bold statement. With the spunky graphics on these sweaters, it’s almost like you’re wearing life. From cats to donuts, statement sweaters without a doubt will make heads turn. Have fun and dress up but at the same time, down.

statement 5

Urban Outfitters. Galactic Cats Pullover Sweatshirt. $49.00

statment 2

Forever 21. Oversized Donut Sweatshirt. $22.80

STATEMENt sweater

Forever 21. Rainbow Maze Sweatshirt. $24.80

statment 3

Forever 21. Bold Cat Sweatshirt. $19.80

10. ‘Ugly’ Christmas Sweaters

Winter trends would not be complete without the fashion of ‘Ugly’ Christmas sweaters. And I quote the word ugly because beauty is objective. So to follow the tradition of fashion history and to get into the holiday spirit, make sure to pick up a pretty yet ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater.

ugly 2

Urban Outfitters. BDG Animal Games Sweater. Was $59.00 Promotion $39.00

ugly topshop real

TopShop. Knitted Sequin Present Jumper. $100.00

ugly 4

Urban Outfitters. Urban Renewal Holiday Patch Sweatshirt. $39.00

ugly 3

Urban Outfitters. Staring At Stars Folk Diamond Sweater. $79.00

Winter is a fun season to show the world your bulky sense of fashion. So don’t forget the importance of wearing this winter’s trendy sweaters. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for com fort. You can have both!

Happy Holidays,



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