How to Get Over a Break Up

imaginationsPut down the ice cream and stop feeling sad because to be honest, this break up is just one out of many. The important thing you should be doing right now is learning from this separation; Learning that everything is going to be okay. And to realize this, you have to spend time with yourself these couple of days; you have to make an investment in yourself to happily carry on. It’s a great time to find out who are and what you want because when you embody your dreams, it comes true. So understand that it’s his lost because you’re amazing and totally worth everything. Here’s my list of how to get over a break up. No matter how much it hurts right now. I guarantee you’ll be back to your true self in no time.

1. Listen to Music

Music helps me through everything that goes on in my life. So listen accordingly to the occasion and stray away from love songs, because “ain’t nobody got tyme for that”. I recommend, “Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood and “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. Remember, everything is going to be okay.


2. Hang Out with your BFFs

Spending quality time with your Best Friends Forever is special because they know you like no other. Which is why your friends should be with you during this overwhelming break up. You’re friends will help you turn that frown upside down and importantly, give you awesome advice.

sex and the citymy hangout


3. Make a Vision Board

I love vision boards. See the first picture below? That’s a vision board I made freshman year of college with my roommates. Waking up everyday and seeing my vision board, helped me visually see what it is that I strive for in life and how to get it. Sometimes things happen for a reason and maybe this break up is a sign to focus on yourself and discover who you are. The journey is going to be fun.

my vision boardbucket list


4. Go to a Social Event

By going to a social event, I don’t mean finding a another guy to fill that void. What I’m really saying is to be around people and socialize because when you do this, you completely forget personal issues and you are able to leave your baggage outside. Nothing like having fun!

party doll 1social event



5. Obtain a Hobby

Ever have an activity you always wanted to try but life got you down and you never achieved it? Well, it’s time to dig out your list and start doing it. From reading, cooking, writing to dancing, having a hobby you like will help you with the healing process after a break up. And it also helps you discover what you’re all about.

the bell jareditorial reading


6. Spend Time with your Pet

There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with your pet all day. Pets are equivalent to best friends but cuter. It’s a scientific fact that petting your cat or dog is therapeutic. “When one door closes, another one opens”, so even though there’s one less guy in your life, at least you know your pet will always love you, no matter what.

pet hang outtigger and me



7. Have a ‘Me’ Day

I love having ‘me’ days! because you can do anything you want for the whole day. You can going shopping, sip some tea, take a hot bubble bath or do all three; up to you. This day is totally reserved for the MVP, you. So go wild and don’t regret a thing.

shoppinggarden tea



8. Watch Funny Youtube Videos

Nothing puts a smile on a face like comedy. Laughing is extremely healthy for our existence because it makes you laugh and be happier. Below are two hilarious videos I always watch when I’m down-in-the dumps. These videos are definitely a remedy to a broken heart.


9. Write in a Journal/ Blog

Journaling or writing on a blog lets you flush out all the sad thoughts you have. Writing helps with the break up process because this is the time when your mind is rapidly thinking about what just happened. And if you don’t write down your anger, then it’s only hurting you. Blogging is also helpful in that other readers might relate to your story and offer general advice. So write it all down.

carrie writingjournals


10. Go For a Run

Running scientifically helps the body release tension and stress. If you are sad or angry, channel that fire into an awesome long distance run. Not only will you feel better, you’re going to look better; now that’s sweet revenge. So what are you doing reading my blog, go out for a run right now.

fun baby runrunningBreaking up with someone is painful but not life threatening. Just think of it like a life lesson and be thankful that it happened sooner than later. You’re an amazing person and I’m sure the right person, who appreciates you for you, will come. Patience is a virtue and by following my list of cures, I reassure you that everything is going to be okay; just breathe.

Have any other remedies for a broken heart? Let me know below!

With love,



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