2013 iPhone Case Trends


We all know how much our iPhone is important to us. Just like dressing up your pet in couture clothing, now you have to do the same for your phones; it’s like our pet; we can’t live without it. There’s even stores just dedicated to selling phone cases. And of course, your iPhone case can fashionably make you or break you.  Therefore, it’s major that you carefully decide the right case for you which in return reflects who you are. Because we are all walking advertisements, you might as well promote a company or design you love.

With so many iPhone cases available in the market, it’s hard to find the right one for you; there should be a match.com for iPhone cases. So if you’re a girl like me, who loves colors, patterns and making a fashionable statement, then you found the right place to narrow down your many options. Below are general iPhone cases separated by brands. If you see one you like, I encourage you to go on their website to find it. And soon, you’ll be rocking a fierce iPhone!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade designs many iPhone cases and all of them are super cute and chic. Below are some of the cases that truly stood out from all the selections. My favorite is the dictionary case because you can’t even tell there’s an iPhone inside; Super fashion spy gadget.

Society 6

Society 6 converts fine/digital art into practical things like shirts and iPhone skins. I found it hard to find just 4 amazing iPhone skins because they are all so beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Definitely check this site out if you want heads to turn.

Wildflower Cases

I personally rock this trend and I’m obsessed; I have the vintage blue pyramid! Wildflower cases combine unique designs with 3 dimensional studs. And all the iPhone cases are available for a limited time so if you find something sold out, I suggest subscribing to them because they notify you when the item is back in stock. I wish I had all of these cases cause I would be changing my iPhone case everyday just like I do with my outfits.

Triple C

Triple C iPhone cases are truly unique with it’s colorful patterns. I especially love the bright colors done in a non flashy way; brilliant.

Case Mate

Case Mate with-a-doubt caters to every type of style. The cases range from glamorous to cute to chic. If keeping up with current trends is of importance, then Case Mate is the way to go. Their leopard and sequin iPhone cases are so right now!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs has many selections of iPhone cases but I thought the ones below were really unique. I love the horizontal ombre case and the crumpled metallic gold case. Marc Jacobs is a super known designer brand, so you can’t go wrong here.


MKL iPhone cases are the height of the word uniqueness. From gummy bears to a gold bar to foul languages, MKL caters iPhone cases to people who are fierce and fashion forward. It’s okay to go wild time to time, why not start with a MKL iPhone case?

Natasha Couture

Gemstones, gemstones, rhinestones. Natasha Couture is probably the mother of the gemstone iPhone case trend. The shiny stones truly resembles a bed full of precious stones. If you want to look like a million bucks, definitely go with Natasha Couture.


Brahmin iPhone cases are pretty from afar and then extravagant up close. The iPhone cases look attractive but when you examine it, you’ll be fascinated with the amount of detail put into these cases. If you’re a ‘attention to detail’ girl, like me, then look no further. This iPhone case is for sure quality over quantity.


Last but not least, Ankit iPhone cases executes symbols and colors extremely well. I’m a collector of dream catchers-everything so Ankit cases has a special place in my heart. I love Ankit cases for their uniqueness in self expression. If you’re a girl who is colorful and has something to say to the world, Ankit cases are the way to go.

It’s surprising how much of a demand iPhones and their cases have become. And since everyone now has an iPhone, it’s hard to stand out of the crowd. Technology has a tendency to decrease creativity and expression, but it doesn’t have to. By personalizing your iPhone and other technological devices, you can express yourself and be creative and stand out.

Remember, sometimes it’s better not to go with the flow because there would be no change; there’s no future without you.

Love, Victoria


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