Arm Candy; Bracelet Trends winter 2013

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I hope you all know that you can never have enough bracelets on your arms. This is absolutely a fact in the fashion of accessories. The term “Stackable Bracelets” describes just that; It’s an arm candy. I love candy and I have arms, so might as well rock the arm candy trend and stack bracelets like there’s no tomorrow (there may not be so don’t regret a thing).

As I browsed multiple stores for the top trending bracelets, I came up with a list of 20 different styles. There was a plethora of bracelet designs and it was a challenge for me to pick the top 10 best trend. But with physical and mental hard work, I believe I came up with an awesome and fashion forward list.

The best part about these bracelets are that they are available right now to purchase. Nothing upsets me more than eyeing something out of this world only to find out it was for a past season. So if you connect with any bracelets below, hurry on to their website to rock your arm candy.

Chain Link Bracelets

Chain Link bracelets look very classy to me. It’s like contemporary Chanel. And I say contemporary because this trend is available in all colors of the rainbow. If you can dream it, they have it!

Delicate Bracelets

You can truly never have enough delicate bracelets. I love the simplicity and pureness of this beautiful trend. When I don’t feel like wearing a bulk of arm candy but I still want to look good, delicate bracelets are the way to go; light weight and pretty.

Aztec print Bracelets

Aztec prints will always be a favorite trend of mine, no matter what the season is. The design brings a sense of vintage and uniqueness to any item that embodies the aztec print.

Solid Gold Bracelets

A solid gold bracelet would make any outfit go from pretty to glamourous. It really makes that difference. This trend would go great with a maxi dress!

Transparent Plastic Bracelets

I never thought clear plastic bracelets would make a trendy trend but the ones below undoubtably prove me wrong. Plastic clear bracelets look super chic and fashion forward. This trend would make you a fashionista.

Adjustable Metal Bracelets

I love adjustable bracelets because it can be worn by any sized gal and that’s super important. The gift of universal style from this trend makes it a must have.

Bold Letter Bracelets

I remember this trend being popular when I was in elementary or middle school and I guess I should’ve saved it because it is back. I especially am in love with the ‘Dreamer’ bracelet because that exactly describes me.

Rhinestone Bracelets

Rhinestones are beautiful and being able to display them on your arm is amazing. I always compared a  chunk of rhinestones like a pile of gemstones. From the fancy color combinations and the glamorous shine, rhinestone bracelets are the height of this year’s trend.

Floral Bracelets

If you didn’t know, floral is my favorite print. It’s so pretty and elegant like flowers. The floral chain link bracelet below is to die for!

Multi Colored Bracelets

If I was a color, I would be every color imaginable. Brightness attracts me and I attract brightness. I love every one of these bracelets below!

Such a small and simple accessory can determine your fashion sense. So accessorize accordingly by mixing and matching statement pieces with delicate bracelets or go all out and wear every trend together. Whatever you choose, be sure to rock it!

Be proud of what you wear, because you’re wearing it.

Love, Victoria.


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