Fashion Cat Lady


They’re soft, super cute and lovable. I’m of course, talking about my cat, Tigger. He’s the first pet I’ve ever had and I love him to death!

It’s funny because at first my whole family thought Tigger was a girl so we named him, Yuki (snow for japanese) and then a month later after a vet visit, we found out he was a boy! Boy, girl, straight or gay, I will always see Tigger the same; my love. Recently, I’ve noticed how big and old he is getting and it seemed like just yesterday that he was this little tiny kitten with orange striped fur.

Tigger helped me become a better person by opening up a hidden part of my heart and taught me about unconditional love.

So I’ve made this collage to see his transition and in return; mine.

I love you Tigger!


Victoria S.


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