She Means Business


As I’m maturing mentally, so is my sense of fashion and style. I’m in college so a T shirt and jeans would be acceptable. But now I’m ready to go into the work force and I’m clueless about what I should be wearing to a job interview. Does anyone else have this dilemma?

From silk button down blouses to pencil skirts, it’s all so very different from my college attire. I’ve figured out that business fashion is a totally different genre of fashion and I’m at that phase. Suddenly, all my Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Old navy clothes seem juvenile.

Yes, I can just wear a women’s suit and call it day but you should feel confident in your clothes. So even though I don’t have any formal interviews coming up, I figured I should start learning what in the world business women wear. I want to find my style in business attire. To do so, I immediately looked through Pinterest. I’m a visual learner, so a virtual vision board, like Pinterest, is my go to place.

If you’re also clueless when it comes to business fashion, check out my Pinterest Board ‘She means Business‘. Hope you’re less confused after this post!

Finally, a blog can’t be a blog without images~ (in my book)


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