She Works Hard for Her Money


“She works hard for the money, so you better treat her right” 

Gone are the days where girls had to shrink their foot in order to fit into the glass slippers (meaning changing yourself for someone else’s approval). It’s the 21st century and women have more freedom than ever. Girls can achieve whatever they want because now it’s a fair game. I love to see successful females in high positions because they represent hope for all the girls in the world. Hope that one day they will be in their designer shoes. But they don’t just give out hope, these established women inspire girls to work hard and never settle for second place.

I’m not going to lie and say that the road toward that $3,000 3.1 Phillip Lim purse, aka success, will be a smooth ride for girls. The reality is more men rule society than women. According to, the 2013 list of the World’s Most Powerful People consist of 9 women out of 72 people. Meaning 12.5% are women and 87.5% are men, which shows that 70% of the world is powered by men.

I’m not saying men shouldn’t rule the world, I’m only pointing out how the numbers aren’t even yet. But what I’m mostly showing is how it’s very liberating to see that women can contribute a lot more to society then before. And how it’s not impossible for girls to achieve their goals of ruling the world. We can strive for anything we want as long as we work hard and stop being afraid of stepping out of society ‘s image of women. You can have it all.

To me, Aimee Song, Carrie Bradshaw and Donatella Versace are perfect examples of successful women. They inspire me to take initiative toward what I want in life and how I shouldn’t be sitting around waiting for success to come find me. I know what I want and I am going to get it by myself. The truth is, no one is going to help you, if you don’t help yourself. These three amazing women posses immense amounts of motivation and that is what inspired me to make my dreams a reality. I started this blog because those women showed me how being original and different is without a doubt a demand in this world. I have the supplies and now I’m delivering the demand.

Aimee Song

Everyone knows Amiee Song because she’s a fashionista to the maximum and the master of street style. Aimee Song is a fashion blogger on and a interior designer. From her awesome fashion outfits to her california glow, she is a true representation of fashion success. I really look up to Aimee Song because not only do we have the same last name and a sister but she’s so creative and unique. Blogging about fashion was inspired by Aimee Song. She motivates me to embrace my originality and share my quirkiness with the world to connect with other fashion enthusiasts. Check out daily to see the awesome happenings for Aimee Song.

Carrie Bradshaw

Yes, she is a fictional character but Sarah Jessica Parker’s performance as Carrie Bradshaw really made the character become a real person. Carrie represents most girls in the world. She’s not someone who’s been feed by a golden spoon. So when she gets a $400 designer shoe and gets really excited about it, we do too. Carrie shows every girl how we have to work hard to get where and what we want. We shouldn’t depend on someone else to provide for us; we should be independent. Like Carrie, we want to be surrounded by beautiful designer clothes and at the end of movie 2, she does. Although the Sex and The City TV series seem to be revolved around men, Carrie’s one true relationship was with fashion and men were simply her accessories. Finally, Carrie encourages me to experiment with clothes and wear whatever I choose. She’s such a free and charismatic character and I hope to embody that someday.

Donatella Versace

From her platinum blonde hair to her fabulous taste for style, Donatella Versace is a successful women and a force to be reckoned with. The designer brand isn’t just a brand, it has become an icon called ‘The House of Versace”. The more I learn about the brand and Donatella, the more I admire Versace. The brand has so much history from all it’s ups and downs which catches the public eye. The fact that Versace can overcome any obstacle is evident by their success today. Which shows that Donatella Versace is a strong women who knows what she wants and goes for it. I’m so inspired by her because she’s able to command a room with just her presence and she makes looking fabulous very easy. Like Donatella, you can truly have it all.

I hope you’re inspired by these successful women like I am. Take these inspirational women and many more to help motiviate you to accomplish any dream you possess. Don’t let others dream for you. Every person deserves to get what they want as long as they work hard for it. Like these three women, success doesn’t happen over night. You have to have happiness and determination. You have the power to be you; it’s you so share your amazing self with the world. Don’t worry about other’s judgements, cause news flash, not everyone is going to like you- and that’s okay as long as you truly love and accept yourself.

Personally, Aimee’s successful blog, Carrie’s amazing creativity and Donatella’s strong persona, shows me that it’s okay to be myself. And being myself is all that I need to get where I want. Cause if you get what you’ve dreamed of but your not yourself, did you really get what you want? So don’t neglect those new years resolutions already, realize that your worth it. Your worth being blogged about via Officialvictoriasong blog any day. Just trust yourself and you’ll be where you want to be; I have.

With Love, Victoria S.


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