Spring Fashion Alert


Spring is just around the corner and us, fashionistas, have to think fashion forward. It’s always fun to switch out your puffy jacket wardrobe and replace them with light spring favorites. So why not get a head start and begin thinking about what you want to say to the world in spring. Clothes have the magical power of showing to the world who you are and what you represent. I like to take that opportunity and run with it. Fashion trends are always changing by the season and I have just found the next best thing for spring. It is the spring 2014 collection of Reverie.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the designer of Reverie, Ronit Genik. She was kind enough to show me her spring 2014 collection and I fell in love with all her designs. Immediately, I asked her if I could showcase her spring 14′ collection on my blog and she said yes! Seeing her spring designs makes me so eager for the arrival of warmer weather. I really like the prints she chose and the colors she incorporated on all her pieces. They are really one-of-a-kind! My personal favorites are the cloud printed dress and the pink lightning print dress. There’s also bags in her collection! Be sure to see her beautiful clothes below and make sure to check out more of her collection on www.Reverieny.com 

Ronit Genik describes her inspiration behind her spring 14′ collection,

The Spring/Summer’14 Collection is inspired by Light – through fabrications, prints and techniques.                                                                                                                                    Sheer silks and textures create beautiful overlays and play on light through colors and silhouettes. Light also inspired the thought process behind the prints.                                                                                                                                                         Researching how clouds produce lightning and lightning inspired light bulbs, prints were inspired by nature to man made resulting in dreamy clouds, graphic lightning and enigmatic bulbs. Exclusive clutches in the collection’s inspired prints are in silk twill and soft pebble leather, making it the must have accessory this season.

I want to thank Ronit Genik for allowing me to showcase Reverie and for connecting with me! I’m going to be in NYC this summer, so I’m going to be in the hunt for the Reverie collection at the NYC stores it is sold at!

With Love, Victoria S.


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