TREND: Pastel Hair

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 Pastel hair is all the rave right now! I just recently went from dark brown hair to platinum blonde so now I have more coloring possibilities because the pigments will show better. I’m like a small kid at a candy store; I can’t choose from all the fabulous color options. Right now I am in love with all the pastel colored hair styles. They range from grey, pink, orchid, lavender, blue and green. Choosing a color is the hardest decision because they are all so pretty. (Proof is  provided below)

In terms of the future of fashion, accepting a trend like pastel hair shows how far we, as humans, have come compared to the 1800s. As a society, we are becoming more open minded, creative and self expressive and I think this is great. I’m so grateful for being born in this time period because self expression is encouraged. The pastel hair styles remind me of the ‘Capital’ in the Hunger Games. I know the host of the show in the movie had purple eye brows. When I first saw his colored eye brows, I knew that was something I wanted to try and rock in everyday situations. If the ‘Capital’ is a small glimpse of our fashion future, then I absolutely cannot wait for it to come! The mantra of the future of fashion ‘Go big or go home’.

With Love, Victoria S.


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