In a Men’s Fashion World

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Men care too. People, in general, care about fashion and how it makes them feel. It could make you feel confident and happy. So it is not surprising that men too are starting to dress very fashionably because the secret of fashion’s magic should not be just limited to women. To see what men are trending these days, I went on Pinterest and saw many well dressed guys. It was raining stylish men, hallelujah! All I can say before I showcase all the fashionable men is that men’s fashion is becoming more popular and accepted. In order to move fashionably forward, we all must ditch the stereotype of men and the idea that they do not know how to dress or that they don’t care. Everyone cares.

Personally, I like seeing the field of fashion becoming more equal and seeing stylish people everywhere.

 Suit and jeans

Pairing a suit jacket with jeans. This look is very practical and stylish.


Longer hair on the front so that you can style it upward! Very retro and sleek.

Different Colored Suits

Mix and match suit jackets with pants. It’s creative and fashion forward.

Sunglasses/ Glasses

It seems that a man’s outfit isn’t finished until the shades are on.


Don’t be afraid of color this spring.

Mr. Christian Greys

Honestly, I couldn’t resist making a collage of all the Mr. Christian Greys out there. I know that the casting for the film is already set but I have my own vision of who should be playing Mr. Grey. Of course this is just my humble opinion. Let me know what you think.

I can’t wait to see all the fashionable men walking around in the Spring! Let’s make us a stylish planet!

With Love, Victoria S.


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