Featured Post: WindowsWear


Retail store windows are so creative and well thought out. It may seem that many people don’t take notice and just past by these windows but everyone should realize that the store window industry is a huge deal. Store window fronts can tell us, fashionistas, so much. It tells us what the trends are and where the designers got their inspiration. Retail windows tell us the story behind the brand. I love how window designers create a genius store front from just a plain window; the possibilities are endless. Every year, people from all over the world go to New York City to see the windows around the city. My family’s tradition was to go see the Macy’s Christmas windows. There would be lines just to see the amazingly detailed windows. Seeing these magnificent fashionable windows has become more than a retail window; it’s become a tradition.

Unfortuantely, I’m in Georgia right now and my tradition of seeing the couture windows are close to impossible, but that is about to change. Recently, I was lucky enough to get connected with Jon Harari, founder of WindowWear. WindowsWear is all about retail windows and making it accessible to everyone around the world. The site allows fashionistas to see store windows online and more importantly, it lets viewers click on the items in the window to buy it online. How amazing is WindowsWear! But it doesn’t stop there, WindowsWear shows displays from all over the world and even analyzes trends based on the windows. It is the site to go on to see everything from trends, windows, art and shopping.

Allows users to digitally shop the latest styles and looks in the windows of the world’s fashion retailers – it’s an engaging, digital representation of all the windows being created around the world, Founder Jon Harari says.

WWD says “WindowsWear bridges technology and e-commerce.”

WindowsWear also provides a walking tour to visually showcase the fashion industry in NYC. WindowsWear is without a doubt the future of shopping! I want to personally thank Jon Harari for providing such a genius service and allowing me to continue my tradition of seeing the amazing windows in NYC while physically being in GA.

Explore and shop the window trends at www.WindowsWear.com

A Personal Update: 

I recently went from being a brunette to rocking a blonde head of hair. It was a four day process and I’m loving the end result. What I love most is that I can experiment with hair chalk because the color will show more! If you are curious as to what I used or how the process went, feel free to ask me!


With Love, Victoria S.


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