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I’ve recently been hooked on reading. It has become a fun hobby for me now. During my teenage years, I never really enjoyed reading. Part of it came from english classes where you were forced to read a particular book at a deadline. Reading eventually seemed like a chore to me and I didn’t really get to enjoy the process. Everyone comes to terms with things they like and dont like at different periods of their lives and for me, truly enjoying a book didnt come till now, at 21.

Some of you may be reading this and saying, “Reading. A hobby? Whaaatt?” And I understand where you are coming from, I mean I was like that a few months ago. But if I could just be that annoying person who gives you advice that you will eventually forget for just one second, I would say “pick up a book from one of my favorite books list below and I’m sure you will enjoy reading at least 50% more than before reading this sentence.” But of course, I am not that annoying person who will force upon to you the amazing things you’re missing out on, like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and books.

Some of you may be reading this and saying, “Yeah, Totally. I [heart] reading.” Well, I understand that too. Reading books are addictive in the sense that it’s like a drama. It’s basically a soap opera in a book and it’s really entertaining. My hobby for reading is actually becoming a problem because I am having a hard time putting a book down and focusing on my studies and writing post for my blog. I have to come back to reality. Does anyone else have this problem? I definitely need to find the balance between work and reading. (The irony) My love for reading has become so intense that I recently went out and bought myself a kindle. I’m an apple kind of girl, but I knew Kindle’s main purpose was for reading, so I decided to give it a try. And also, I’ve decided to purchase a typewriter, so that I can write my own novel. I’ve written about 4 pages so far, but I’m determined to finish it. My book is called, “The One That Got Away.” Hmmmm… I wonder if anyone can figure out what the book will be about.

Since I’m from both the ‘Reading’ spectrum, I am not forcing my suggestions on anyone. I am merely going to suggests some books that I personally enjoyed reading and the ones I hope to read soon.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

It is very tragic how Sylvia Plath left our planet so early in her career but fortunately, she left behind such a beautifully written novel. I absolutely love this novel because I can relate with the main character. Esther Greenwood, the protagonist, interns at a fashion magazine in NYC for half a summer and when she comes back home, her meltdown begins. Her mentally state becomes shattered but this breakdown makes her realize and discover herself more. Here she is a A+ student who looks so perfect on paper, yet is mentally disturbed with all the pressures of life. Many people describe this novel as a sad story, but I find it happy. I think that Esther transforms throughout the book and the girl who comes out at the end isn’t the same from the beginning. Like they say, “You can’t see good until you experience the bad. Because then you won’t know the difference.”

cover page

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

Honestly, I can read this novel over and over again. The language is simple yet the concepts between the lines are so rich and complex. Holden Caulfield, the protagonist, is a young adult boy who has trouble maturing because his past always comes to haunt him which stops his life from progressing. Eventually, he has to confront his past traumas, but it’s very hard to tell if he can. Holden represents all the teenagers in us, who was a rebel and thought everything and everyone was phony and refused to conform. I love this novel for it’s beautiful description of transforming from a teenager to an adult. Let’s be honest, it can sometimes be hard to face reality, especially with the fact that we are getting older, but also wiser.


Siddhartha by Hesse Herman

This book will always be a collectable for me. Author Hesse Herman does a beautiful job of describing every detail which truly transforms my mind to thinking I am physically with Siddhartha, the protagonist, along his journey to find the ultimate secret of the ‘inner self’. This story is about Siddhartha, soon to become Budda, who is a son of a rich powerful ruler who also hides Siddhartha from the world of poverty next door. Then one day, Siddhartha secretly leaves his luxurious chamber only to see how the rest of his nation is occupied by poor citizens. Suddenly, he is emotionally drowned with guilt, disgust and shock with himself. So this leads him to his quest of finding the meaning of life by learning why people have to suffer. This is a great book and I recommend it to everyone. Yes, it is a book with a lot of philosophy but Herman writes it in a fictional way that doesn’t even seem so scientific.


Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James

Yes, I added Fifty Shades of Grey. Many people express their dislike for this novel but I’m not exactly sure why. I love the descriptive language and character development in this book. And I emphasize character development because E.L James does an incredible job of making every girl fall head over heals for Christian Grey. And every girl can relate with Anastasia Steele, the protagonist, who is college student and just trying to ‘make it’ in life. I will go ahead and say it: Christian Grey is the modern version of Prince Charming, not including the kinky habits. I wouldn’t suggest this novel for young readers, but I will recommend it to everyone who loves reading and has a lot of time on their hands, because you will not want to put this book down. Let’s be honest here, if you read this; you really enjoyed it.


Damaged by H.M Ward

I started reading this novel and I can’t stop reading it. Let’s just say, it’s a soap opera in a book. There’s a girl college student, traumatizing pasts, middle of no where setting and oh right, a hot professor (exactly how the teacher is described as in the novel). Honestly, that’s all I can say. Also, how can you go wrong with a New York Times Bestseller? That’s right, you can’t.


Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel

This is the book I plan to read soon. We all know how we should not judge a book by it’s cover and I completely agree with that. For this book, I judged the title instead of the cover. I’m a business major and a girl, so this title indicates how it was written just for me. I strive to become a successful career women very soon and if this book will help me a little with my journey to top of a male dominated industry, I will take it and read it. Also, we’re dealing with another New York Times Bestseller. I can’t wait to read this and absorb all the relevant advice.

nice gals

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Another novel I hope to read really soon! I read the summary for this book and I instantly knew I had to read it. It involves a world with aliens that look like humans and a girl who falls in love with one good looking alien (judging by the cover~ I know; I shouldn’t). This is like the year 2485’s version of romeo and juliet. Two people who can’t be together, falls in love with them. This novel sounds extremely interesting both futuristically and romantically.


Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

I also plan to read this. It’s about a powerful business man who is known as a bastard around the office. And when he comes into his office after a business trip of some sort, he finds a surprising present in the form of a pretty gal at his new secretary desk. If that didn’t convince you to read this book, then I don’t know what will.


Garbriel’s Inferno by Slvain Reyard

This book is very interesting. All I am going to say is, there are flashbacks of young first true love, dark histories, scars, girl graduate student, a small apartment, rain, dinners and before I forget, a good looking professor (well at least he is in my mind).

gabChloe- Attitudes by Sarah Mower, Gaby Aghion and Marc Ascoli

Chloe is one of my favorite designer brands. I especially love their perfumes! If Chloe has a fashion bible, I will definitely get it and worship it. Yes, that is what I do every sunday, I go to fashion church and listen to stylish speeches. (I’m only kidding) But a fashion church would totally be amazing and I will definitely attend it. If I’m not mistaken, I think the Capital, in the Hunger Games, definitely has one. I seriously belong there! But yes, Chloe the book is amazing.

cover page

I’m hoping my novel rambling has convinced you to read at least one of these books or at least make you plan to read it…someday.

Love, Victoria Song


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