Unique Finds; Bags

Happy V day everyone!!!

And by V day, I mean, Victoria day. I’m only kidding, Victoria day is in May in Canada.


So for this 2014 Valentine’s Day, I am celebrating it with the love(s) of my life, My family & Tigger (my cat). It might sound odd, because it’s not your typical commercial V day but I’m more than happy to spend it with my family. So if you’re also celebrating with Me, Myself, and I, I hope you are not feeling sad this year because I personally love being single. Call me selfish, but I like having my alone time and focusing on myself; it’s fun and I feel like I’m accomplishing much more.

For my parents and my sister, I bought them the traditional chocolates! But this brand of chocolate is awesomer than the others because this one comes with a love poem. Finally, chocolate that does all the work. Hope they like it!


Okay, I just came back from dinner with my family and I had a lot of fun. There was a thrift shop next door and I bought 3 jackets for $18.00! I will post those later on.

As usual, I was looking around the internet and looking at all the wonderful buys out there! I came across a lot of unique items and sites that offer one-of-a-kind fashion & price.


Asos is an amazing site filled with the most latest stylish fashions! What is even more amazing is how they let users to sell their stuff in theMarketplace site. I seriously believe Asos’s Marketplace is a hidden gem for all you thrift shoppers, like me! People are selling their lightly used designer items for less than 50% off. How amazing is that! Look at this super cute bag that I found for $5.09! The seller’s name is: Wolfting. You can find this bag and other amazing finds at www.marketplace.asos.com And yes, this Watering Can is a purse!!

pink water


Ever shop at consignment stores? I recently went to one called Fashion Finders, here in Atlanta, and I had a great time. I bought a messenger bag for $5 and Calvin Klein jeans for $2. It’s important to note how the consignment store was hosting a discount event that particular day. Now consignment store deals are available right from your house. SNOBSWAP is a online consignment shop where people are selling top notch designer brands at a great price. You can Sell, Swap and Make an offer. This Vintage Chanel purse is up for grabs in the form of an Offer by seller Williams. Check out her site here.



Modcloth has every stylish finds as well! They offer really different kinds of bags; the ones you can’t find anywhere else. I found a bag in the shape of a cat! How awesome!



Do you shop at Goodwill? I love shopping there because you just never know what you will find. BTW, the Goodwills in Atlanta, Georgia are more superior than the ones anywhere else; in my humble opinon. Goodwills here are like Kmart. But did you know that there is a Goodwill online? Well, there is! but it’s not your typical goodwill. It’s a online shop where you sell your goods and people bid for it. It reminds me of another Ebay. But since this site isn’t well known, there are less bids which in return is better for you. I found this Diane Von Furstenberg purse and it’s going for $11. I really encourage everyone to give this site a chance because you just never know where and what your next best find will be.


As I’m growing older, I’ve noticed how I’m moving away from generic chain fashion stores and shopping more at thrift shops, consignment stores and boutiques. I guess as you grow older you become more cheaper, I’m Only Kidding!!~ But as you become more mature, you become more aware of where your finances are going; you become better at making the best optimal choices for you.

Hope everyone has a great V day!

With Love, Victoria Song


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