Best Youtube Videos Ever!


Ratchet Song

Too awesome for words! This parody is of Lorde’s Royal song. I love the high quality video with such legit rhythm. I’m starting to like this song better than the original.

Sam Tsui Applause

Sam Tsui is an awesome singer on Youtube! He has a voice of an angel (at least I think that is how angels sound)

Valentine’s Day Fail Proposals

This video is sad, funny and embarrassing but it’s a reality. Not everyone is going to get a yes when they propose. But props to the guys who had the courage to ask their ladies!

Madilyn Bailey Wreaking Ball

Madilyn Bailey is an amazing singer! I love all her covers on Youtube especially this one.

Britain’s Got Talent Asanda Jezile

OMG! OMG! Asanda Jezile is 11 years old in this video and she is auditioning for Britian’s Got Talent. Everyone seriously needs to watch her! And she can teach us all how to be fierce! Honestly, I got chills watching her sing! Don’t forget to watch her sing Beyonce songs too! I really hope she comes out with a song very soon!

Honest Trailers Hunger Games

This youtube channel title doesn’t lie. The trailers shown here are brutally honest and hilarious! I’m only going to watch trailers through this channel.

Bad Lip Reading NFL

This youtube channel combines all scenes of a movie or show and then makes their own lip readings. They make everything so funny!

American’s Top Model Tyra Banks

This video always straightens me out. Tyra Banks gives precious advice to a model that just got eliminated but she also tells the whole world that we need to take responsibility for ourselves instead of feeling sorry of us because you can always change you.

Waking Up Funny Pranks

I know pranks shouldn’t be funny especially when people get hurt but when you watch these people wake up to a shock~ you can’t stop laughing.

With Love, Victoria Song


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