Does Awkward Exist?

feature 1When I was growing up the word “awkward” was rarely used. In fact, it was used to describe a bad thing. For example someone in the 90s would’ve said, “I liked hanging out with them but it felt awkward, so I don’t think I’m going to hang out with them again.” Now a days, it seems that this word is being used excessively. People say, “Hi, my name is Example Name and I am a very awkward person. Nice to meet you.” It seems people use Awkward to describe themselves and their perspective on a situation. I used to be guilty of this too because awkwardness is becoming a generally accepted concept with a bit of a good connotation. Twitter is catching up with this trend with the hashtag, #thatawkwardmoment. When did we glamorize awkwardness and should it be recognized as a good thing to feel?

I’ve been in situations where I felt this odd pause between me and this person (named XX)  I was having a conversation with. During that pause, I became aware of this socially weird pause that I blurted out laughing, “This is so awkward!” Person XX said, “What do you mean? Why is this awkward?” That’s when I realized, I was the one being awkward in that moment by even mentioning how awkward I, only, felt. It made me wonder, if feeling awkward in normal ‘social’ situations actually meant that I was uncomfortable with sociableness; leading to panic attacks. It came to me; awkward is not a good thing.

Are we making ourselves feel uncomfortable? Being awkward only comes from the indiviual who says it. No one is going to say how you feel awkward if they personally don’t feel it. We feel awkward because we allow ourselves to feel it, while the whole time the other party doesn’t notice or feel any sense of oddness. This only aids to our in-cohesive thinking and ultimately looking a bit foolish around the other people, who are feeling cool as cucumber. Being awkward limits your chances of having a successful life full of social parties and professional business interviews. No one is going to hire a socially awkward person (because the individual believes he or she is awkward) to become the manager of the firm. This is because when you are feeling awkward you are actually feeling ‘off-balance’. And when you’re feeling ‘off-balance’, your words will come out all jumbled up and unorganized, which in return will only make you look unprofessional to others.

And is feeling a sense of awkwardness just another definition for not being able to handle ‘normal day to day human interactions’? Yes, life is full of awkward uneasy feeling situations but instead of thinking about how odd this scenario is, you should be living that moment and stop separating yourself from the moment. Maybe our definition of awkwardness should be changed. Awkward is scenarios everyone in the world experiences like walking around with loose shoe laces and then tripping on them. In a way, this word is depressing because it makes a person feel isolated from society and that they are the only person on earth feeling this way. Being awkward should not be glamorized or acknowledged; it’s not a good thing to be awkward. Hence, feeling out of place with society. Society should stop excessively and loosely use the word because in the long run, won’t the majority of society become a chaotic unorganized world where everyone wouldn’t be in the present moment which will only stop ourselves from achieving our greatest potential and that’s pretty awkward.

What do you think about Awkwardness? Is it a bad trait/feeling or is it a good thing? How do you think awkwardness can be overcome?

With Love, Victoria Song.


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