OfficialVS First Video Blog

Photo Credit: is without-any-doubt very important but is it becoming less relevant? It seems Youtube is getting all the views compared to having to read words on a blog. This is like the debate between reading the book first or watching the movie first. Most people express their laziness by choosing to watch the movie first and never reading the book afterwards because they already know the outcome. Honestly, I’m guilty of this as well. Why read when you can watch?

I’m not going to get into why reading is so much more important then watching because I hope it’s fairly obvious. If it not, I guess I’ll write a little bit of why. First off, reading is not about just reading. There is always an underlining principle of all our actions, especially school subjects. Do you remember in math class, you said “Why do I have to know the square root of 49 when I’m going to be a fashion model?” (Yes, I am sure we have all said those exact lines in our heads at some point) Not only till I became older did I realize that Math class is crucial to the development of our minds and most importantly to our futures. Math is not about numbers, it’s about problem solving. It’s about thinking and seeing a ‘problem’ and slowly breaking down the steps and methods of how you are going to solve it. This also goes with English class. “Why do I have to take english classes when I already know english?” Well, it’s because english class isn’t about english. It’s about critical thinking, analyzing and thinking for yourself by developing opinions and reading between the lines. Words are powerful and I don’t think most people realize that.

Now you hopefully know the importance of reading, let’s talk about the importance of watching. Does watching a subject really help with development or are you just being brainwashed? To me, watching a subject is very important especially by helping one’s imagination and global economy but it is not as important as reading and writing. To develop anything in society, we have to first write the idea, read what we wrote, film what we read and then watch what we filmed. As you can see (pun intended), writing comes first; it always does. I’m also a visual learner so I also appreciate the art of watching to learn.

Since watching is becoming more of a popular medium to connect with other people, I decided to give my camera face some time on the screen. I videoed myself trying to make a video version of my fashion (writing) blog and I had a lot of fun with it. Naturally, it wasn’t perfect nor professionally done (I was using my MacBook Pro Photo booth app to film it). Just like the beginning posts of my blog, I know with practice my video blogs will become better and I hope everyone joins me in that journey of epic-ly failing to awesomely winning.

A little bit about what you are about to watch: My cat, Tigger, will be introduced and then from there, I will be rambling on about my plans for this blog, my K-mart fashion haul, Spring Break, my room decorations and many many interesting pauses and jokes. Please do not hesitate to laugh at some parts because I laugh every time I watch this. It’s not suppose to be taken dead serious because I’m not that kind of person.

With Love, Victoria Song


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