Fashion Buyer; HandBags

Do you collect a particular item? I didn’t know till I became older that I love purses. I’m sure a lot of you, fashionistas, have the same obsession like mine. There comes a point in a fashionista’s life when a bag doesn’t mean ‘a thing you carry for functional purposes’. The bag becomes a purse and you must have them all! My sister isn’t too keen on collecting purses but the irony is, she always borrows mine. But that’s okay because I love sharing my awesome eye for knowing what is Trending.

I have a good eye for detail while looking at the whole piece. This ability transcends to being able to ‘see a good thing when I see it’! It’s true- I can scan a room full of clothes or bags and find that one piece of gem. This ability helps me when thrift shopping or shopping in general. But there’s also a down side to knowing what is ‘IN’ at the moment in the fashion world. Whenever I find something I really love and must have- guess what, it’s sold out!!

In the world of fashion and buying, hearing or seeing the words SOLD OUT, is a dreadful thing, in terms of the person buying (not selling). As many of you may know, I hope to become a fashion buyer someday. But if you didn’t know, big retail companies have multiple buyers in multiple fashion departments such as, buying rings, bracelets, jewelry, shoes, sneakers, etc. These departments become surprisingly very specific. Well, for me, I would love to start off being a bag buyer because it seems fit for me.

I decided to add a mini segment to my blog entitled “Fashion Buyer”. In these posts, I will be the buyer for you in each fashion department. Online shopping is the big rave and extremely convenient but it can also be time consuming to find the right item at the right price especially when there’s a billion online stores! Did you know, there’s so many online stores without a store front? These online shops conduct business electronically, so you can’t physically buy from them. And the most surprising thing is that these online shops have better stylish items at incredibly amazing prices compared to physical store fronts!

I gathered all the amazing purses the online shopping world has to offer by studying recent 2014 Spring trends. Let me know what you think of these bags and my predictions.

  1. The Zipper Bag ;We have 3.1 Philip Lim to thank for making zippered purses a popular design!
  2. Little Black Bag ;Every person should have a Black bag that can be universally used
  3. Backpacks ;Forget the days of carrying JanSports backpacks~ these are way more cooler!
  4. The Satchel ;You want satchels that are small enough for every occasion but also big enough to carry everything.
  5. The Bucket Bag ;The name sounds funny but the bags are to die for! Majorly cute and fashion forward.
  6. The Carry All ;These bags are made to endure the most challenging conditions a fashionista experiences. You really can’t lose with these purses!
  7. The Shopper Bag ;Nothing like rocking a Shopper bag when shopping. A MUST have for everyone!

With Love, Victoria S.

(Feature Photo Credit: Yang Du;


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