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Can you hear the music in the air? It’s probably the amazing mix DJ Falcon created, which you can hear by visiting his SoundCloud page here. Finally, we can all come out of our bear hibernating cave and go hippy crazy while dancing to incredible music. What a great way to truly celebrate the arrival of spring. Music festivals are the hottest events since sliced bread and it’s all the rave this season. Not only are these festivals great for music performances and meeting great people, it’s also known for it’s fashion. People go all out when attending these festivals, which makes it more fun to be at.

If you’ve already bought your ticket to music heaven and don’t exactly know what you’re going to wear yet, do I have the post for you. I’ve gathered some essential fashion pieces for your fashionista festival arrival. All these pieces are available online right now and I’ve attached it’s link. I personally love all these styles and designs and I’m 100% sure you will too! I only show you guys the best!

Crop The Top

Sweater More like Kimono

Hair Flowers








Which Music Festivals are you planning to attend? What are you planning to wear? Let me know by commenting below!

With Love, Victoria S.


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