Featured Post; Warby Parker

Warby Parker 2014 Spring Collection

“Fashion never felt so good”~ Victoria Song

It may seem like you have to sacrifice your bank account to look fashionably good, but that should never be the case. You don’t have to break your wallet and save for a full month to buy quality products. There’s great products everywhere at amazing prices and I’m here to show you the best the world has to offer. One of the greatest sunglasses and frame company is Warby Parker. If you haven’t heard about this incredible company yet, I’m more than happy to let you in on an amazing secret.

Warby Parker offers sunglasses and eyeglass frames for both women and men at great prices. They design each product themselves and combines high quality and modern design into all their products. Not only are these frames fashionable, they are also good karma. For each eyeglasses or sunglasses someone buys, another pair is offered to a person in need who in return will be able to see; you are giving the gift of sight. The best thing about Warby Parker is how they offer the perfect frame without you even leaving the house. Warby Parker has a unique and revolutionizing way of a ‘fitting room’. On their site, you have the ability to choose 5 glass frames to be delievieried to your house; free of charge. And when you’ve tried them on at home and chose the one you want, you can have that pair personally prescribed. Instead of having to spend hours at your local optical and waiting weeks for your glasses to be ready, Warby Parker offers a hassle free way of shopping for such an important thing like eyeglasses at only $95. Now that’s a steal!

“You look like you could use some color”  -Warby Parker

Today, Warby Parker launched their 2014 Spring collection entitled, Spectrum Sun. These sunglasses will brighten your day and style just in time for spring. This collection is both super fashion forward and affordable. But the best part is when you buy a pair another person of optical need would get one too. Fashion never felt so good! These nine new styles have maximum color with triple-gradient lenses and they all cost $95. By pairing your outfits with Warby Parker frames, not only will you transform into a fashionista, but you will be helping your wallet and the people in need.

I have always been a big fan of Warby Parker. They are so unique and truly one-of-a-kind! A lot of companies have a tendency to forget their audience and what we really want but Warby Parker is a company that really cares for their customers wants and needs. Check out for yourself and I promise you will love their new 2014 spring collection, like I do. My favorite pair is the PIPER Woodland Tortoise because the frame’s yellow and brown tones gives out a vintage feel.

Check out www.warbyparker.com/sunglasses to get a further look at their new Spectrum Sun collection and their many other amazing frames. Trust me, Warby Parker is a hidden gem.

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I want to specially thank Brian Magida, from Warby Parker, for connecting with me and informing me of their newest spring collection.

Which Warby Parker sunglasses do you like from the Spectrum Sun collection? What do you find is most important about a company when choosing to purchase from them?

With Love, Victoria S.


One thought on “Featured Post; Warby Parker

  1. Very nice write up and description. I don’t wear glasses and for shades i usually just pick up a 20 dollar pair from whatever store I’m in when i think about needing a pair. I do like the fact that they offer a pair to someone who is in needs with every pair purchased so i will be forwarding this on to people who wear glasses

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