Fashion Photography; Editorial Models

Editorial Post Feature

Fashion photography is more than just photographing models with pretty faces. It’s a form of art; it’s a work of art. I, personally, love it when these photos are extremely distorted and unrealistic because there is something symbolic of it. I always wonder, out of all the possible designs, why did they choose the style they did? Do you believe fashion is an art? I like to think so because you can express yourself through it! However, as I think deeply into the matter, I believe that social media is slowly making the art of fashion disappear. Do you agree? Modeling has become a dream career for young girls because society glamorizes the lifestyle. But that takes away from the actual art of modeling. It has become more of a lifestyle then an actual form of artistic creation. So I want to take some time to actually appreciate the creation of fashion photography. But most of all, let’s examine and love the art.

With Love, Victoria S.


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