Featured Post; Frederic Aranda

feature copyIsn’t the featured photo above just gorgeous! But who’s really responsible for such an amazing fashion photo? When we see the glamourous editorials in magazines, most people aspire to be one of the tall models in that photo. However, the true mastermind is the person behind the lens. The artist who possess the eye of fashion photography. The creator of the feature photo above is no other than Frederic Aranda.

Frederic Aranda is a notable and extremely talented photographer based in London. He has photographed many well established public figures including Anna Wintour with her Vogue editors. Frederic is extremely skilled and I love all of his work! In fact, Frederic brings photography to a whole new level. Looking through his work, I can’t help but be captivated by his amazing skill to produce a moving yet still image. Fashion photography has a reputation of being superficial and fake but Frederic’s editorials are far from this reputation. His art is authentic and real; he doesn’t just produce photos, he creates honest emotions and captures it at it’s most rawest moment, making his work a priceless masterpiece.

I, personally, want to thank Frederic Aranda for sharing with me his amazing work and for allowing me to use all of his photos! I hope to attend one of his exhibitions some day!

With Love, Victoria Song.

Most Recent Work

Sorcieres d’Eastwick for Edelweiss Magazine

Frederic Aranda 

Father and Son for Harper’s Bazaar China 

Kabuki & Kosherface Exhibition

Fashion Editorial & Photography


(Sorcieres d’Eastwick for Edelweiss Magazine Editorials)

Styled by Tamer Wilde

Main model is Ellie Hook at Established Models London

Hair by Jordan Brumant

Makeup by Louise Dartford

Production by Ivan Moya Denia

Models: Ellie Hook, Monica Chong, Johanna Londinium, Pelin Pelin, Tia Simon Campbell, Coco Ekeocha and Kyoko Yano.

All other photos are from http://fredericaranda.com



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