Vogue Binge’s Interview with Victoria Song

Thank you Ashley Goode from Vogue Binge for sharing my story. I had so much fun with this interview. I’m really grateful to be seen as such an influence to young ladies. However, Ashley Goode, you are also very influential and inspiring! You encourage everyone and me to stay positive in a grey world! Your blog is stylishly inspiring too! I wish you all the best! Everyone, please, check out Ashley’s blog Vogue Binge at http://voguebinge.wordpress.com With Love, Victoria Song

Vogue Binge


This week I had the opportunity of interviewing fashionista Victoria Song! She uses her platform, OfficialVictoriaSong,  to inspire and encourage others to embrace self-love. See the inspiration behind her blog  and a success story that will inspire all!

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1. Tell us a little about who Victoria Song is.

I am a fashion blogger, managing editor for The Collegian and a business major college student. I grew up in Queens, NY and now I’m studying in Atlanta, GA. I’m a very open minded person and I love to connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts. I have a passion for creating and being inspired. I’d like to say I look like a lady and think like a boss.

2. What inspired you to create the OfficialVictoriaSong blog and what does it represent?

I used to be a shy girl with a loud mind. Growing up, I was scared to say my opinions because…

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