Featured Post; Wildflower Cases

Wildflower Cases

“Express your style in a fashionable way with Wildflower cases”

Have you heard about the Wildflower cases cult? Better yet, are you already a part of it? I sure am. There are many smartphone cases available in the general market right now but none of them can compare with Wildflower cases. These amazing phone cases are handmade with love by Michelle Carlson, founder of Wildflower cases! Michelle is without a doubt a fashion forward fashionista. She picks the most unique and gorgeous prints to use on her cases. I love to support individual artists who pour out their passions onto their art and Michelle is definitely creating something bigger; she’s creating the future of fashion.

I don’t consider Wildflower just an ordinary phone case, no they are more; they are a fashion statement. Personally, I believe every fashionista should have one!  Not only are they durable and super secure for your precious smartphone but it comes in so many unique and pretty designs! Wildflower makes you want to flaunt your phone and use it with confidence.

I became a fan of Wildflower when they just started selling their iphone cases online in April 2012. At the time there were only three designs available and in the moment I laid eyes on the cases, I immediately bought one; it was love at first purchase. I am happy to inform you that I still have my phone case and it still looks amazing. I have dropped my phone a million times and my Wildflower case always protects it; I still don’t have any scars on my iPhone. And I owe much of that to Wildflower cases.

See all of Wildflower cases at www.Wildflowercases.com and let me know which ones you love (I’m sure it’s all of them)!

With Love, Victoria Song



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