Trend; Pastels

Trend; Pastel

“Fashion is for love not hate”- Victoria Song

Predicting future trends have always been second nature to me. As much as I like looking into the future of fashion, I really love how we can direct the path there. The future is never set on stone, so anything is possible! Who knows, next year we could be wearing plastic as shirts. Always remember that fashion will come and go but it’s up to you to figure out your voice within the current trends. Don’t feel obligated to obsessively follow what the majority of the people are wearing. Fashion isn’t about judging others based on what they wear, who they wear or how much they spent on a piece of clothing. No, fashion is a visual language that explains a person’s mood or self expression. Clothing should never be used to judge; it should be seen to admire.

Fashion is truly an art. There’s so many designs, fabrics, patterns, stitches, textures, styles and prints we have access to. And as fashionistas, we all have our own style and way of thinking. We should be celebrating our differences because it emphasizes how we are all truly one-of-a-kind. So let’s spread the love; the love of fashion.

This spring is all about washed colors! And by that, I mean pastels. I absolutely adore the pastel trend. There’s so much room for creativity when wearing pastel colors. You can mix baby blue with a hint of mint and you’ll look ready for the runway; the runway of life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pastels. Just like the color suggests, it’s all about having fun and being happy while rocking the pastel trend. If you do that, trust me, you’ll be the fashionista in the room.

Do you like the pastel trend? Are you following it now? What other trends are you looking forward towards rocking?

With Love, Victoria Song.


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