Passion over Fashion


Official Victoria Song

We all have a passion that drives our goal. With our eyes on the prize, we put so much effort into achieving that dream. However, sometimes that objective seems impossible because it appears to be far away and out of reach. So now you’re stuck questioning yourself whether or not you should continue to purse your dream or start another one hoping for a faster and better turn out. What you are feeling in this moment is discouragement. A feeling resulting from you giving all you’ve got and still getting rejected. Hence, feeling like you achieved nothing from all your hard work.

If you’re feeling discouraged or have felt discouraged, you’re not alone. I’ve, too, recently felt this sense of discouragement. I sent out about 30 internship applications for this summer and haven’t heard from any of them. Just so we all are on the same page, 30 applications mean 30 personalized and heart pouring cover letters and sending out resumes. As you can tell, I felt like I was putting so much effort into my goal of having an internship in NYC this summer but the results weren’t matching. Obviously, I felt very discouraged along the way. I remember questioning if there was something wrong with me, my credentials or writing. My reflections became deeper, I questioned whether I was supposed to be pursuing my ultimate dream.

However, that little voice inside reminded me of my passion and how no one can take it away from me. If it’s the last thing I do, I will do it. I’m willing to work with blood, sweat and tears if it means that I will achieve my ultimate destiny. So I decided not to be discouraged and I stopped questioning my self worth based on resume judgements because I know my self worth. I believe in myself and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.




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