Fashion Buyer; 😍 Summer Shorts ðŸ’–

There’s so much to be excited for as summer comes. Such as long afternoons at the beach and riding your bike in the park. I personally can’t wait to pair my summer clothes with sea salted hair and rounded sunglasses! For this fashion buyer segment, I decided to show you all the amazing shorts that are available right now on the market. Shorts are amazing because it’s freeing to wear and they come in so many stylish designs. You can pair any shorts with flats, boots or heels. So check these out and also make sure to play the soundcloud player above featuring DJ Blow the Speakers from the Netherlands.

Peace, Love & Happiness, VICTORIA SONG


Denim Summer Shorts

  • Pair these denim shorts with a kimono light jacket and a plain tank top.

Floral Summer Shorts

  • You want the floral pattern to really make a statement so wear a plain tee on top.

Awesome Printed Shorts

  • These amazingly printed shorts will make heads turn so pair them with a white tee.

Color Block Shorts

  • Really use the color blocking to your advantage and get creative with your outfit colors throughout.

One thought on “Fashion Buyer; 😍 Summer Shorts ðŸ’–

  1. Super hot, and I know you’ll look great in them! Dan

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