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Feature photoFashion is a big part of our lives. Everyday we wake up and get dressed to impress. Whether you’re unconsciously or consciously choosing what to wear when you go outside, you’re inevitably engaging in the fashion show of life. Everyday we hear news about murders, kidnappings and all the horrible things society represents and has done from the mass media. However, fashion news somehow doesn’t get publicized as much. Like stated before, fashion is a big part of everyone’s lives, so much that we become reluctant to recognize it’s importance. The world of fashion is always moving on a fast pace, which only means that there is always something exciting that is occurring in the industry. I believe that fashion news is as relevant as celebrity gossip news and current events, perhaps it’s even more important.

With this belief, I decided to create a new segment on my blog. It’s called “Fashion News Friday” aka #FNF. Every friday, I will be sharing with you the most interesting current news on fashion. This way, all you fashionistas can keep up with the fashion world while gaining valuable information for your future fashion success. Along with the fashion news report, I will be uploading a video with my personal commentary and opinions about the topic. Feel free to join the conversation and speak your fierce opinion!

Today’s fashion news comes from Vogue Italia‘s Domestic Violence themed cover shoot entitled, “Horror Movie” and photographed by Steven Meisel. These photos aren’t your average pretty face and fancy clothes ads. The photographs depict a domestic violence scene in which a battered women can be seen running away from her male beater. You may be wondering why Steven Meisel chose this theme and you must be asking why in the world Vogue would publish such photos. Well, right now it is the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and to bring awareness to such a serious issue, Vogue agreed to address the problem once and for all.

It’s great to see powerful media outlets taking charge and trying to make a change. I truly respect Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, for showcasing this relevant issue. However, the controversy lies in the issue of how far is too far? Models are shown gorgeously beaten up and petrified while on the bottom of the photo, captions of what and who they are wearing can be read. So what’s the message here? Should we be looking at the scene and the message or should we be seeing what they are wearing? And I say the models are gorgeously distressed because they are wearing Prada. To be honest, I can’t be concerned with what they are wearing when in reality, I’m too concerned for their safety in the photos. It’s kind of hard to focus on Prada when you can clearly see the male killer covered in blood trying to capture the girl to continue to torture her.

But unfortunately, this is the reality of domestic violence. This issue is a big deal and should be taken seriously. There’s no excuse to hurt others especially the ones that love you. Too many women and men are being oppressed by their spouse and are too afraid to speak out. And this month is to recognize them, the pain they’ve endured and to help spread the reality of violence in homes and not the sugar coated lies we’ve heard when we were young.

Peace, Love & Happiness.

Your girl, Victoria Song




4 thoughts on “Fashion News Friday

  1. Wow!!  So gorgeous!!  What a great pic!!! (and the article was right on too!) 🙂 Dan

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