Fashion News Friday II

photo 1

Left: Unfiltered photo Right: Photoshopped photo with iPhone App (altered face size, nose and eyes with filter)

To what extent is Photoshoping a selfie or body image okay? In recent news, “Federal Bill Aims to Regulate  Retouched Images in Advertisements.” On March 27, Ros-Lehtinen introduced a bill entitled “Truth in Advertising Act of 2014”. The bill aims to regulate the airbrushing of models in commercial ads. Many claim that these false advertisements are affecting our society in terms of how individuals look at themselves. In a way, they’re ruining our self confidence. But is this the case or is it going to far?

A lot of young girls and boys are resorting to eating disorders so that they can achieve the ‘ideal’ beauty. But what is that ideal beauty? Our society believes the ads on TV and magazines are the images of beauty. So it’s not surprising to see many people trying to achieve that. However in reality, these false advertisements are sabotaging our generation. We are exposed to everything now a days with the invention of the internet. We’re probably exposed to more advertisements then ever. Since these images that we see in society are everywhere it eventually becomes our social norms or standards.


Left: Real photo Right: Filtered and Altered photo.

Growing up I had a lot of insecurities and much of it came from bullying. So I always looked at models and singers, wishing I looked like them because it made me think that if I did, I would be that accepted popular girl. A lot of times, I didn’t even want to be Asian. I wanted to become the white, tall, blonde, big eyed with blue eyes and perfect tanned girl. Advertisements only make you wish you have what you don’t, so it’s very impactful in our society. I mean, it made me not want to be who I was and that’s not a constructive thing.

Luckily, I was always surrounded by loving and accepting family and friends who helped me through my rough times and thoughts because without them, I’d probably not be the confident lady I am today. However, the reality is, not every girl is fortunate enough to have supporting friends and family, so they begin to really believe they are imperfect for who they are. You have to realize that these advertisements are false. The models don’t even look like they do on the magazine. Everyone is literally beautiful for what they are and how they look. There’s no reason to change your lovely self for anyone. The only person you should be satisfied with is you and the uniqueness that you possess. Life needs variety not conformity because then it would be very boring. Accept yourself and set yourself free.

Let me know what your thoughts are on photoshopped or airbrushed photos and advertisements!

Peace, Love & Happiness. Your girl, Victoria Song



For more details on the new proposed bill, click here.



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