The Art of Letting Go


Sometimes we hang onto things longer than we should. It’s all the memories, feelings and experiences that we cling onto; We start to hang by a thread. In reality, we’re hanging onto the fantasy of the ‘what if’ and start to believe what we imagine. However, sometimes it’s better to let it go and accept the reality because sooner or later the real world will hit you two times harder. And at that point the truth becomes unbearable. Honesty can be painful, so can you handle the truth? I’m not sure that I can and that’s my honest answer. I like living in a world where everything has a happy ending but who am I kidding? I’m only fooling myself and no one else. That’s the worst part. The fact that I’m not hurting anyone but myself by choice. Why would you want to hurt yourself by imagining the impossible?

Sometimes it’s comforting to live in denial. It can be hard to face reality head on because it’s difficult to come to terms with it but it has to be done for your own self growth. Don’t live in the past, live in the present because there’s no room for the past in the present.

Only you can know what is right for you. No one can say what is right and wrong in your thoughts and decisions because no one else is living your life. So decide in your life right now what/who are being constructive toward the advancement of your personal growth. Meanwhile, slowly start to weed out the negative people that surround you.

Peace, Love, and Happiness.

Your girl, Victoria.


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