MODAHNIK designer, Kahindo Mateene previewed her Fall/Winter 2014 collection at an exclusive penthouse event on June 2. Kahindo Mateene is known for her exotic handmade prints in exotic colors and her upcoming F/W 14’ collection continues her legacy. “Old pictures, her late father and men’s wear” inspired Mateene this season.


New Designer- MODAHNIK New Designer- MODAHNIK

Slinky strapless dresses, updates on the classic trench coats, sleek cigarette pants, patterned tunics and skirts crafted of premium authentic textiles comprised Mateene’s collection. Mateen’s palette includes lots of pink, blue, grey and leather black tones. Special details typical of Mateen’s brand distinguish her designs as well as her signature quality and construction making the line flattering to a women’s silhouette and most importantly being highly salable.

MODAHNIK caters to serious, independent woman with high-end taste who use their wardrobe to express status and comfort in their own skin. Mateene without a doubt understands the needs of female fashion as her silhouettes are fitted to enhance a women’s appearance without trivializing or constraining the body.  Her line features extra touches like unique button combos and the ever important, beautifully placed pockets. Every woman wants to look fabulous and sexy while also being able to do practical things like carrying a lipstick. Well, MODAHNIK is here for the rescue as the pockets in the F/W 14’ collection has plenty of them with unique designs inside.




As a designer who takes inspirations from her roots, MODAHNIK also offers clutches handmade by Congo female workers who are paid 100% of the profit made from a purchase. The goodie bag included a piece from the clutch collection and it is beautiful. Again, the print is exotic and the clutch feels authentic and personal which are all the things designer Kahindo Mateene successfully achieves in her F/W 14’ collection.


New Designer- MODAHNIK1 New Designer- MODAHNIK


Written by Victoria Song, contributing writer for


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  1. Wow, she does beautiful work! Dan Griffin

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