Best Vine Videos


Vine videos are short 30 second videos that are straight to the point. I love the comedic ones because it’s short and sweet. These are a few of my favorite things…

“#GhettoGirlsBeLike 😩😭😂😂 w/iMark” by @YUNG POPPY

“Oh Shit!?!! 😂” by @Crack Kid

Spell BMW 😂 by @BRUH

“When you get left out of a group picture 😥 w/ Curtis Lepore , MAX JR , Jerry Purpdrank , DANampaikid , Buster Beans , Esa Fungtastic” by @Piques

“”Air Juans” by @David Lopez

“When someone ruins your selfie. Morc Margan (inspired by Brandon Calvillo ) #selfie #jasonvoorhees” by @Daivid Lopez

“Taylor swift is the most annoying neighbor. The bitch needs to mind her own business.” by @Jimmy Murrill

“When u realize you’ve been friend-zoned. w/ Liane V , Hannah Stocking , Eric Dunn , #withthebae #withthehomie (longer version on IG @destorm)” by @DeStorm Power

“how waiting for someone to text back feels. #bruh” by @jasonmendezhoe

“Conversations everyday at my college.” by @Alx James

“#MusicThatDoesMatch #tswift #horror #originalbyyoursttruly” by @Sarah Boulavsky

“When you find out your best friend unfollowed you… 😳” by @Curtis Lepore

“People that sneeze way too many times #blessyou” by @Cameron Dallas

“Let It Go”


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