Industry Event: UO + Hairroin


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Hair done by Payton at Hairroin Salon NYC


Urban Outfitters will be opening a new store in Herald Square New York in the summer of 2014. Always trying to cater toward their loyal stylish fans, in this particular location Urban Outfitters has collaborated with Hairroin, a hair salon founded by celebrity stylist, Janine Jarman. In the days counting down towards the opening of their new flagship store, Hairroin is hosting a ‘Traveling Salon’ in select Urban Outfitters locations at specific times. The launch party is open to the public and anyone can come to get an updo while shopping.

Urban Outfitters caters towards the late teens to early thirties demographic that loves the lifestyle of vintage, undone, and unique fashion. With this in mind, Urban Outfitters is going fashion forward by giving a full round experience when shopping at their store. Now, fashionistas can shop at Urban Outfitters and get your hair done at Hairroin. Everyone has the opportunity to wear stylish clothes and then get their hair styled, so anyone can leave and be ready for anything because they have the confidence. Urban Outfitters is expanding their services from not only offering clothes and accessories but also the experience of feeling and looking good.

Hairroin is an extremely stylish hair salon that styles both celebrities and people while to offering personal experience and service. Since both these companies have the same fashion and business mentality, Urban Outfitters realized that it was just natural to collaborate with hair salon, Hairroin, to offer their stylish customers a broader and greater fashion experience.

Have you ever went into a hair salon and gave your stylist a photo of what kind of hairstyle you wanted? Only to have the hairdresser refuse to do your hair because they believed the color or cut you wanted would not look good on you? Janine does not believe in this maltreatment and as a result, Hairroin was created to cater toward people who want to express themselves through their hair without being judged for their style. The Victorian themed salon started in California and now they are venturing out toward the east coast, specifically NYC. Not only does Hairroin offer hair services, they also offer tooth jewels, feather extensions, styling, braids, and blowouts. Hairroin takes hair to a new level as their primary focus are the customer’s needs.

urban outfitters Payton NYC Art Director Luis

 At the Soho launch event, I had the privilege of meeting with Hairroin’s hairdressers and connecting with their philosophy. The Art Director, Luis Payne, was at the collaboration event for Soho. He explained how the Hairroin team is extremely honored and happy to begin a new chapter, here, in NYC. He wants to bring the California vibe to the busy lifestyle of NYC so that people can come in feeling comfortable and leaving confident.

**Article & Photos by Victoria Song. Article published with via


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