The Heart Wants What it Wants


We have that little voice inside our heads that helps us differentiate between right and wrong; the logic. But what about that unexplainable feeling we can deeply sense first hand; our intution, our wants. How many of us choose to ignore our logic and follow our heart without doubting the choice but how much of that strong intense feeling is depenable?

Without following my gut, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This applies to, not only, my life, but also my style and fashion. I remember my younger years and how I wore interesting clothes while everyone wore juicy sweats. And right now it seems silly, but it took a lot of guts to wear ‘odd’ clothes during a full 8 hour school day where if your outfit wasn’t on point half the day, you couldn’t really change your clothes and come back to school. No. What you wore that morning half awake was how you were leaving, even as the consciousness of everyones’ awakened, you were forced to just endure your AM fashion decisions and embrace it.

Without that experimental period of my young years, I wouldn’t have realized my style and learned all the lessons. So maybe it’s time you listen to your gut and follow your heart, no matter how ‘different’ it is. I’m still learning to do so.

Peace, Love + Happiness.

Your girl, Victoria Song.


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