A Fool for Love


I stuck around.

~ Victoria Song

Exactly one year ago, I was shoving my favorite clothes into a small suite case determined to come to NYC and follow my innocent yet foolish dream of living in the fashion capital of the world, NYC. What really fueled me was my love for fashion and life; I was a fool for love. Sometimes we have to be crazy enough where nothing else matters but your dream and literally just ‘go for it’. Have your eyes on the prize and leave behind your rationale of what you should or shouldn’t be.

And as I was that fool for love, I am now living my dream.

That’s not to say there weren’t times when I just wanted to give up everything I’ve achieved so hard for. The funny thing is when you achieve your dream, you’ll always look back and be grateful for the struggles. A friend who helped me fight through the pain of wearing heels once told me, “No pain, No game.” Without the struggles of foolishly diving into your dreams and fighting through the pain for love, there would be no dream.

This is my first post of 2015 and as I continue to strive through the new year with my foolish loving, I hope you can join me on that adventure.

So I leave you with one question: Are you a fool for love?

Your Girl, Victoria Song.


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