About VS

Who am I?

I’m Victoria Song and welcome to my blog. Also known as, my virtual home. Life, media, trends, music, art and fashion has all effected my life one way or another. And as I go around all these industries I wanted a place to speak my mind and share all about it. Essentially, I want to connect with everyone and spread all the lessons of the ups and downs of life. And how it is very possible to get where you long to be.

Sometimes you don’t get to choose who you become when you’re born. So much of my life I always felt like a misfit. That somehow or for some odd reason I just didn’t seem to belong. As a result, I have grown up with a sad mentality and a hopeless reality. However, things started changing, I started changing. I began to have this new sense of self awareness that felt right; it was just me being my self. Just remember that even though you can’t choose what kind of life you will be born into, you can choose where it will lead.

I’m always learning something new. And at this point in life, I’m learning to really live for myself, as no one can live it for me. My advice: People are going to love you or hate you either way. So just be comfortable in your own skin and truly own it. ‘Go get ’em’.

With Love, Victoria S.


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